Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Floral Nail Art with Jessica Beauty In Bloom

 Press Sample

 Of course I would be back with some nail art. As I have mentioned, lately, I have been in the mood for simple art that does not take too much time. I did a version of these florals well, like a month ago. Of course, I didn't post it until recently, but I personally wanted more florals.

I kept playing around with what I wanted to do with this collection, but in the end, I was in the mood for more florals. Last time, I did them as an accent and this time, I did all my nails. I played around with using Morning Glory, a dark blue, but it looked too harsh for this look.


I started with a base of Camellia since my last floral look used Hydrangea. Like I said in my swatch post, Camellia is a pinker version of Hydrangea. Then I used Dahlia and Forget Me Not as the flowers. Queen of the Meadow was my choice for sticks in this bouquet. Lastly, Hydragea was used for my dots. 

This was a much more subtle floral look than my last floral look, which had more bright colors. People really loved it though. It's just a soft and lovely look!

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