Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Spring Floral Nail Art

 Press Sample

Hello everyone. I was craving a clean color on my nail, but I can’t leave good enough alone so I had to add some florals. And you know what, this is perfect for spring time. So let’s take a look at my April showers bring May flowers look. I absolutely adore how this came out!

I am such a sucker for soft white or off-white polishes. As soon as the Jessica Cosmetics In Bloom collection came in, I knew I wanted to use it immediately. Actually, I did and matching mani and pedi! Ugh, I love it!

I used a variety of brands and colors for this look. Sometimes it’s kind of fun to take some time and look through my Helmer and remember old polishes and bring them back. Especially this Kiko orange; it is so gorgeous and I need to use it more.

  • Base: Jessica Cosmetics Hydrangea 
  • Pink: Jessica Cosmetics Mojave Desert 
  • Purple: Lechat Dare to Wear Violet Rose 
  • Orange: Kiko 129
  • Green: Zoya Josie
  • Brown: Jessica Phenom #lovethislook


After my base dried, I added the dots in purple, orange, and pink. No rhyme or reason. Then I added the leaves, which were more v-shaped blobs. Lastly, I added the details of the brown, just for some dimension.

I thought about doing the flowers on all of my nails but then landed on two center accents and my thumbs. I can’t decide if it would look too chaotic with all flowers or awesome. Either way I love how this light came out and they were so easy to do. Literally blobs of colors and some green leaves.


Ok I really love this super simple look. Big fan.  Will probably do it again with other colors! 

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