Monday, May 30, 2022

Jessica Cosmetics Hand Care

 Press Sample

Hi all! Sometimes in PR packages, I'll get a few extras. The last few from Jessica Cosmetics have added nail care items. If you wonder why your nails break or don't grow it general, it's probably because you need moisture!  


If you head to their Hand and Cuticle Care section, you can see what they offer. I have used the Phenom Oil, Nourish cuticle cream, Hydracream, and their lotion. Today, I'll be sharing the larger cuticle cream and travel-sized lotions! You can head here to see my previous review of their Hand and Nail Care with different scents.

So for the Nourish cuticle cream, I shared a travel size one where you have to dig your nail into the pod to get some out. This is a 0.5 oz bottle where you squeeze it out, so that is nicer, although I will probably have to cut it open with I am almost done with it to get it all out.

The lotions are great! I do wish they sold these travel sizes on their site though. I noticed I have some scents that are not on the site, so maybe they were seasonal or LE. You will see in this post, I reviewed Honey-Nectarine (not on the site anymore but amazing so please come back) and Wildflower. 

Here is Paradise, which is actually blue! I thought it would smell like summer fruits but it is like Hawaiian floral paradise, which is actually on the lotion bottle! It's not overly floral and still a nice, light scent. 


Lavender-Jojoba is just how it sounds! A mix of both those scents. This lotion is like a pale purple color.

For best nail health, everyone should be using cuticle oils/cremes, lotions, and anything to serve your hands better. It does take regimenting, but when I consistently use lotions and oils, my nails are the healthiest!

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Products in the post were provided for honest review. 
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