Friday, June 3, 2022

Aldi Nail Art with Stella Chroma

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If you don’t know, Aldi is a grocery store that comes from Europe. I used to shop at one like 10 years ago because where I lived at the time had one. My partner is also from Europe so he knows Aldi as he used to shop there as a kid. It wasn’t until the last few years, probably five or so, that Aldi grocery stores are now popping up everywhere. They sort of have a cult following because they have a special aisle with really fun stuff. They also have limited edition foods so something you like will be there one week and not another. Anyway, Pam of Stella Chroma and I both have a love of Aldi and we frequently share what we get from there and the deals we find.  So, thus inspired this nail art.

When I received the summer collection from Stella Chroma, At the Fair, I noticed that the colors connected with the colors of Aldi’s logo. I just knew that I would want to do some sort of loosely inspired wavy nail art with the fabulous colors.



The colors I used are below:

  • Blue base: Stella Chroma Carousel
  • Red: Stella Chroma The Scrambler 
  • Orange: Stella Chroma Halley’s Comet (from last summer’s Ticket Stub in Your Hand collection) 
  • Yellow: Stella Chroma Lemon Shake-Up 
  • White creme base for the waves 

After I did the blue base color, I then added a wave with the white cream so that my colors would pop. Since the red, orange, and yellow were all shimmers and holos, they would sort of disappear into the blue base. Then with a striping brush, I added a stripe of red, then orange, then yellow. I topped it all with topcoat. Of course I had to see what it looks like with matte topcoat and I love it even more.


And here it is with top coat. I do prefer this matte, but I wanted to share the shimmer and sparkles!

All these colors are available now on the Stella Chroma web site! Do you shop at Aldi?!


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