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KBShimmer July Polish Pickup: Rewind

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Hi everyone! For July, Polish Pickup does a rewind. This means that makers get to bring back crowd favorites. One color will be in the Polish Pickup shop for the weekend and the other will be in the maker's shop. So let's check out the colors cause they are stunning! I have re-used my original photos since they looked nice to me!



Rainbow Shaved Ice: Available in the Polish Pickup site, July 1-July 4th.

Rainbow Shaved Ice Sugar Scrub

Cost and Cap: $10, no cap.
Scent: Rainbow Shaved Ice Hand & Body Scrub smells just like those summer treats. The scent of ripe fruits like orange, peach, and raspberry give way to hints of sour lemon, vanilla sugar, and wild strawberry jam. Swirled with blue, yellow, and red, the top of this shaved ice-inspired scrub is dusted with a hint of biodegradable glitter.
Thoughts: This has to be one of my favorite scents. Actually, the last three scents (Fresh Peach, Freshly Blended, and this) have been amazing. Yes, I already emailed Christy begging for this scent in a cuticle balm haha (it's not on the product list right now). It smells refreshing because somehow shaved ice is in here and it's like a crisp feeling with the fruit. UGHHHH so good!


Lust at Sea: Available in the Polish Pickup site, July 1-July 4th.

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Lust at Sea: 3 coats plus top coat.
Cost & Cap: $11, no cap.
Inspiration & Color Description: "Lust At Sea nail polish echoes the spectrum of colors only the setting sun and water can create.  A deep, purple-leaning indigo base glistens with an ultra-shifty shimmer that creates a nearly full spectrum of color.  In bright light, golden tones give way to glimmering green and sparkling peach.  In lower lighting, the magic of this lacquer truly shines, with pink hues flowing into copper and yellow.  Green, aqua, and blue tones appear at some angles, while hints of purple dance at the edge of the nail."
Thoughts: For me, this had a tiny bit of VNL at 2 coats so I added a third but short nails will be happy at 2 coats. This is sooo shifty. In OTT lighting, it appears like a brown-based purple with gold shimmer. As you move into other lighting indoors, more colors appear. Then outside, it was a rainbow!


Apple Harvest Hand and Body Scrub: Available in KBShimmer shop and her stockists.
Cost and Cap: $10, no cap.

Scent: Apple-picking was the perfect way to start the autumn season and enjoy the weekends before snow littered the ground. Apple Harvest Sugar Scrub starts with notes of freshly peeled apples throughout an apple green and off-white swirled scrub.  Slightly sweet, with just a hint of tartness, you can almost smell the first bite of a Honeycrisp or Granny Smith. Soon, the apple scent gives way to a sugary, almost caramel-like note accented by subtle traces of cinnamon and stewed pears.  This cozy, sweet, and tart fragrance will remind you of those perfectly picked fruits and Grandma’s apple pie.

Thoughts: This one is really like an apple caramel pie and somewhat sweet. Remember, our noses pick up on different things. To me, I get caramel apples!


I Can Sea Clearly: Available in KBShimmer site for month of July and her stockists.

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I Can Sea Clearly Now: 3 coats.
Cost & Cap: $11, no cap.
Inspiration & Color Description: I Can Sea Clearly Now is inspired by sunsets, beaches, and everything tropical. This shifty shade starts with a glistening gold that quickly shows off hues of lime and aqua. A quick flick of the wrist or change in lighting brings out bolder blues, teal, green, and hints of periwinkle. Seeming almost pastel at times and jewel-toned in others, this water-inspired hue glimmers as it catches the light, for a unique nail polish that celebrates the tropics.
Thoughts: This is so dreamy and I love that the color coordinates with the sugar scrub. The shift is very strong! You do not need any extreme angles to see the green shift to blue and teal. It is the perfect amount of shimmer too. I love this.

This polish and the sugar scrub is available July 1st through July 4th in the Polish Pickup shop.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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