Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Zoya Pink Palette Nail Art

 Press Sample

Hi all! So I literally had no idea of what I was doing when I sat down, and of course, I love how this came out. Zoya has been very into "palettes" lately. This was the spring pink palette, which I shared the other day. It was 5 cremes and one shimmer. I used four of the six colors, so let's take a look!


I knew I wanted to do some random lines and dots to show off the differences in the pinks. This was one of those looks where I sat down with no idea what I was doing and I love how it came out! I chose to start with a base of a medium pink so the lighter and darker colors would pop off of it.

Below are the colors from the Pink Palette that I used:

  • Base: Shannon 2 coats 
  • Lines: Gigi
  • Shimmer: 2 coats of Angel
  • Dots: Maddy

I didn’t use Joanie or Kay just because it would have looked too busy to try and use all 6 colors in this particular look.

I literally just painted my base and then added random swerves of the shimmer. I did the random swerves in different directions and different parts of the nail. Then I added the darker lines. Lastly I added the dots. I used one coat of top coat to seal everything in. How cute did this end up looking? Love it!


Each polish retails for $12.

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