Saturday, June 25, 2022

Orange Glitter Gradient with Stella Chroma

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So today I am sharing what I actually wore for Father’s Day. My dad loves orange so I figured why not do some orange nails when I went to go see him. I wanted a softer orange too. Don't laugh, I took these pictures a full week after putting them on, so there is some growth. That's just my life now! Also, I chopped my nails off. Just felt time!

Summer is hot and humid and I tend to do simpler art. Really, as I get more and more busy though, simple art is all I do. I started thinking of dots and such, and then I decided, what's better than a gradient?

I was browsing the Stella Chroma site and she has this STUNNING picture of Cactus Bloom with oranges and greens on her home page. I was like ugh, now I want to wear Cactus Bloom. It's a yellow-based orange, but orange nonetheless, so it worked out perfectly!

I used the colors below:

  • Base: 2 coats of Stella Chroma Cactus Bloom
  • Gradient: Dabbed on Stella Chroma Do This Again. Old Fashioned 

I love how fun and bright this is without being a summer neon. Plus, gotta love two-coat formulas during the summer!



I just loveeeee how this came out. So simple, but so juicy and fun! Here it is indoors with artificial lighting, but the sun shots are just too good.


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