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August 2021 Polish Pickup Offerings: The Elements

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Hey all! Another Polish Pickup and the theme is Elements. I am going to be honest and say meh to this theme. I feel like the themes are uninspired lately or maybe I miss inspiration from indies themselves as they probably get more inspo from themes they create as opposed to PPU forcing makers to fit into their theme. I happen to enjoy all three polishes from this month, so let's take a look.

Alter Ego
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Serpentine Fire: 3 coats
Cost & Cap: $10, cap of 50.
Inspiration & Color Description: "The group Earth, Wind & Fire was my inspo, and I chose the song Serpentine Fire. I'm using the colors of the label on the 45 when the song was first released, and yes, solar activated yellow base to orange/red works with the name as well."
Thoughts: Sheer yellows are my nemesis. I like the colors of this, but I wish I used a white base. I did use a ridge filling base, hoping it would help with the sheerness. This has a jelly/crelly quality so it is very shiny. It immediately turned orange when I went into the sun. The second I went into shade, it changed to yellow, so it is definitely a color that you have to love out of the sun. I love the transition, but if you have opaque nail line, you might want a base white.


Farmer's Market Sugar Scrub
Cost and Cap: $10, no cap.
Scent: "Farmer’s Market Hand & Body Scrub celebrates the earth’s bounty found at local markets. This fresh summer scent starts with a melody of fragrant clementine, ripe apple, and sweet melon. A bouquet of blooming lily, delightful freesia, and soft violet adds fresh floral notes, while a base of musk, amber, and rich vanilla adds a lasting depth pleasing to the senses. This creamy scrub is swirled with a dash of green, red, and orange, for an earth-inspired scrub that would be at home at any farmer’s market."
Thoughts: For me, the floral takes over and it is honestly all I smell. I don't know if it's that when the scrub arrived, the oils separated from the heat. I popped it in the fridge and the formula is still the normal formula, but I just smell florals. Every nose is different though, but I don't smell that base of clementine, apple, and melon, and apple is like the epitome of farmer's market! Mr. Ehmkay said he smelled cantaloupe so the melon is there. 

Just wanted to share how it looks after it's been in the fridge. The oils do solidify so it's less leaky. This is just the life of summer.

Lust at Sea: 3 coats plus top coat.
Cost & Cap: $11, no cap.
Inspiration & Color Description: "Lust At Sea nail polish echoes the spectrum of colors only the setting sun and water can create.  A deep, purple-leaning indigo base glistens with an ultra-shifty shimmer that creates a nearly full spectrum of color.  In bright light, golden tones give way to glimmering green and sparkling peach.  In lower lighting, the magic of this lacquer truly shines, with pink hues flowing into copper and yellow.  Green, aqua, and blue tones appear at some angles, while hints of purple dance at the edge of the nail."
Thoughts: For me, this had a tiny bit of VNL at 2 coats so I added a third but short nails will be happy at 2 coats. This is sooo shifty. In OTT lighting, it appears like a brown-based purple with gold shimmer. As you move into other lighting indoors, more colors appear. Then outside, it was a rainbow!

Stella Chroma

Green Tea and Cucumber Emulsified Sugar Scrub
Cost & Cap: $6.50 for 2.5 oz jar, no cap
Scent: We are scenting our emulsified sugar scrub with Green Tea and Cucumber. Vibrant and refreshing. The perfect scent for a waning summer. 
Thoughts: This is a very fresh and refreshing scent. It seems exactly like the name. A subtle earth scent with a bit of cooling and freshly sweet cucumber.


Sagittarius: 2 coats. Then with added top coat.
Cost & Cap: $13 for 15mL, no cap.
Inspiration & Color Description: "It was inspired by the power colors of my own zodiac sign, which is a fire sign. A purple matte base color is packed with holo and violet flakies and green/gold/pink shifting shimmer! Opaque in two easy coats. Gorgeous on its own or with a glossy topcoat!"
Thoughts: I love this sooo much more than I thought I would. Bottles are deceiving.The flakies and shimmers just explode on this nail and it's like the most beautiful night sky with some specks of aurora borealis (I know that's not how it works). I cannot wait for nail art! You decide if you like it more with top coat--which makes the holo pop.

These polishes and both & body products will be available August 6th - August 9th in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping is flat rate $3 in the US and starts at $6 to Canada.

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Products in the post provided for honest review.

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