Tuesday, July 6, 2021

90s Nail Art: Smiley Faces with Jessica Cosmetics Golden Hour

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Seriously, as a 90s kid, I am not sure how I feel about my students embracing the trends I tried to forget hahah. I think about Carrie Bradshaw telling Jack Berger that NO WAY would a woman be caught in public with a scrunchie (high pitched voice). Well...now, she would cry haha. So everyone loves a smiley face and I was inspired by the new Jessica Cosmetics Golden Hour for some 90s art!

So I went really simple with this and just created simple smileys! These did not originate in the 1990s. I believe they were first popular in the 1970s but I remember all the stickers and erasers from the 90s! 

To create the smiley faces, I used the back of a pen to create the large dots! I ended up fixing them with a striping brush because when I practiced on a mat, they were perfect. Well, mats are flat and my nails are curved so they circles were not as perfect. I used a brown polish and a striping brush to add my smiley faces! I used brown because it wasn't as harsh as black polish for this look even though I realize the classic look is black and yellow. To be fair, the brown almost looks like black!

Colors used:

I do not really know what inspired this look, but I love it!

The Golden Hour collection is available now and each color retails for $9. I have been using these colors a ton because they are so versatile and pretty! 

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