Monday, July 19, 2021

Zoya Dreamin' for Summer 2021, Swatches and Review

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Like I mentioned in my Cosmic Pop post last month, I thought the Zoya Neons was the summer collection but turns out, they had three! Hah! So I am finally caught up with sharing all of the new Zoya releases. GO ME. Today I am sharing the Dreamin' collection, which is their actual summer collection (although it feels like a spring to summer transitional collection). So let's check it out!


Zoya Desi: 3 coats. 2 had a tiny bit of VNL. "A vibrant geranium coral cream." This one stained my cuticles upon removal and I knew it would. It is a fabulous color though but I wonder how it looks against Sonja, which is an older color. I love corals over red so a coral-y red is my jam.

Zoya Polly: 2 coats. "A lush fruit-punch pink cream." Also stains upon removal. Ugh. But I do lile the color and fruit punch really is the perfect descriptor. It has a sort of pink lemonade vibe, with some orange undertones, I did it and it will make for a really pretty pedi. 

Zoya Darla: 2 coats, Also stains. "A Gerber Daisy pink cream." All these pinks left minor stains. I guess it is because of the two coat formula, but I had pink tinted nails. It's a nice and sort of classic and girly pink. No complaints, except I may own something similar. 

Zoya Skipper: 3 coats plus top coat as this dries matte. 2 coats had some balding. "A milky purple neon. Skipper is in the EasyNeon formula, but includes the Standard brush and traditional black cap." This is the purple I mentioned that would have been better in the neon collection and I laughed when I went to get the description and saw it mention it being in the Easy Neon formula. It is a gorgeous purple and much better than Banks, in my opinion. I even love it matte!

Zoya Mateo: 2 coats. "A cool-toned pacific blue cream." Another great color. Again, I wonder how it looks against Walker. I am thinking I need to do some comps. If you don't have Walker, this is a gorgeous blue with a nice formula that surprisingly did not stain.

Zoya Summer: 3 coats, 2 for short. "A mermaid shimmer featuring flashes of green and gold with a blue base." This is the only shimmer and definitely a standout of the collection. Mr. Ehmkay went oooooh when I opened up the package. This is a total summer color for me with the gorgeous ocean-like shimmers.

Here's my thing. I appreciate 2 coat formulas and pigmented colors, but Zoya really has to work on the stain factor. I had the same issues with the Easy Neons and those weren't even pigmented!

My picks are Skipper, Mateo, Summer, and Desi. I guess I have too many pinks, hah!

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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