Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Zoya Neon Vertical Line Nail Art

 Press Sample

Of course I wanted to do some nail art with the Zoya Neons. Although I wasn’t thrilled with how they worked on their own, I knew they would be nice with art. I really wanted to do some random vertical lines and so, here they are. 


This was not complicated at all, even if it looks painful. All ten nails took 23 minutes. Yes, I timed it. I put down one coat of Zoya Snow White and then took all six colors and added lines! I used a thin striping brush to create the lines. 


Some of the colors blended more than I hoped. I think this nail art is pretty but there really needed to be more variety and I stand by my swatch post saying that the purple simply does not fit this collection. The pinks are fairly similar too. Oakley, the orange and Zelda are close as well. I should have separated those. And this collection really needed a yellow. But I love the concept of this art and will do it with other colors. 


Each color retails for $12 and comes with a Z wide brush. You can buy the set of 6 for $66. 

Zoya: SHOPFacebook, Instagram. Zoya is *BIG10 FREE. 

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