Monday, July 12, 2021

Zoya Easy Neons, Swatches and Review

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I was so excited when Zoya announced their Easy Neons, as many others were. These are supposed to be full coverage, no white base needed, neons. Well, you can certainly see my nail line in the first image, so there’s a hint of this collection. Let's check out this collection now!


All polishes dry matte, as they are neons. Most lightly stained my nails as well. I used Zoya Glossy Seal to top coat all the polishes. I will note that I did not use a white base for these swatches, even though they needed it for coverage. In addition, all the colors showed a bit of nail line despite the three coats. 

Zoya Janie: 3 coats plus top coat. "A hot fuchsia pink neon." This one stained my cuticles. This is what I consider the quintessential neon color. Neon pink is a must. This is certainly a good pink and it is super duper bright!

Zoya Zelda: 3 coats plus top coat. "A beaming pink-coral neon." This is my favorite of the collection. I added a photo of it matte to show you how it looks but I know I will always wear these with top coat. I love how this is like a watermelon color and is more unique than Janie. Love it!

Zoya Oakley: 3 coats plus top coat. "A fiery bright orange neon." After pink, neon orange is a must. This is certainly an eye-searing neon.

Zoya Link: 3 coats plus top coat. "An electric, kelly green neon." This one stained and you will see it in my next swatch of Echo as it left my cuticles all tinted alien green lol. I wish this were a bit brighter. I have a lot more way neon greens than this. It seems muted to me.

Zoya Echo: 3 coats plus top coat. A deep lagoon blue neon." Check out the Link stains 🥺 I debated taking more time to remove the stains but I wanted to show you the realness. Again, like Link and Banks next, I felt this was not as neon as the first three but it certainly is bright.

Zoya Banks: 3 coats plus top coat. "A vivid violet neon." This purple is not neon. In fact, the purple from the Dreamin' collection, Skipper, is neon and would have made much more sense with this collection. You will even see in my nail art later this week that it just did not fit. This is an okay purple; it is dark yet it showed nail line. 

Each color retails for $12 and comes with a Z wide brush. You can buy the set of 6 for $66.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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