Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Zoya Dreamin' Comparisons

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Whenever I get cremes for Zoya, especially pink cremes, I like to compare them to others that I have in my stash. Really, it's a way for me to figure out what colors to donate and which are unique for my stash. So when I swatched the Dreamin' collection, a few felt familiar. I actually re-swatched these, so these are truly quick and dirty swatches for comparison reasons.

Index and Ring: Desi: 2 coats vs. Middle and Pinky: Sonja: 2 coats.

Desi slightly more coral and less opaque. It is a bit lighter than Sonja, but very close.


Index and Ring: Mateo: 2 coats vs Middle and Pinky: Walker: 2 coats.

Walker is more sheer and darker. Mateo is light and brighter.


Index and Ring: Polly: 2 coats vs Middle and Pinky: Winnie: 2 coats

Winnie is brighter and lighter while Polly has a dustier quality.

Index and Ring: Darla: 2 coats vs Middle and Pinky: Esty: 2 coats

Esty is brighter and more pink while Darla has more purple undertones.



So there you have it. Sonja and Desi are very, very close, but the others have definite differences. For me, they looked close enough in the bottle, so swatching on a nail showed their true differences.  

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