Sunday, July 4, 2021

Fourth of July Nail Art

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🎆Happy Fourth of July! 🎆 I had all the intentions of posting my Fourth of July nail art a few days ago but life got away from me and so I only did my nails last night and I did a really quick art. I looked back at my blog and realized I am mostly uninspired when it comes to Fourth of July nail art. I have some really awesome ones that I’ve done but lately my life has been about the simple. I pulled out colors I knew I wanted to use, thought of a few ideas, show them to my significant other, and I let him pick out my art. Also, if you still want to do some nail art, this took 30 minutes total so it was quick and easy if I do say so myself!

I will keep it short and sweet since it is a holiday and I know everyone is busy, including myself. I just want to mention that my base sometimes only needs two coats and sometimes needs three coats. I believe this is due to the weather and the length of my nails. As you can see my nails are quite long right now.


Stella Chroma posted on her FB colors for a Fourth of July mani and Divided Sky was there and I was like PERFECT. I went through my stash and chose a white and a red to compliment. Just to mention, I was going to stamp fireworks and both Gala and Divided Sky stamped so nicely! But the partner picked out dots!

  • Base: 3 coats of Stella Chroma You Brave, Brave Man
  • Red: Stella Chroma Gala
  • Blue: Stella Chroma Divided Sky


Well that is all for today. A simple in sweet art, which are usually my favorites. There is supposed to be sun, so I'll probably update my post later on so you can see the pretty sparkle!

I hope you have a safe holiday. And just so you know, all of these polishes are currently available on the Stella Chroma site!

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