Monday, May 23, 2022

Garden Path Lacquers Sweet & Sour: Summer 2022 Neons

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Hello there! It has been a while since Garden Path Lacquers has been on this blog. And today I am sharing the brand new summer neons collection, which will release June 1! If you love neons, then this is for you. The collage alone makes me happy! This neon collection consists of 4 neon shimmers and 3 neon mattes. So let's check them out!


I just wanted to share a sun collage, because why not? The shimmers are really pretty and the sunshine just makes them pop. This collage also shows the mattes with top coat, since that is how I would probably wear them.


First up, The Shimmery Flakes, which will be $12.50 each.

Melon Baller: 2 coats plus top coat. "Be the one they all talk about this summer with this pinky-orange neon filled with blue to purple shifting Aurora shimmers and flakes." I think most people will be fine with two coats, but I have incredibly opaque nail line and you could still see some of it at two coats. But I really didn’t mind how it looks so I stayed at two coats. Because it is neon, it dries a little bit matte so you want to add topcoat for that shine. This is one of my favorites out of the entire collection.



Cry Baby: 3 coats plus top coat. "Don’t cry, this neon yellow is actually super sweet! She’s filled with blue to purple shifting Aurora shimmers and flakes." Obviously since this is a yellow, it would not be as opaque as other colors. You can still see my nail line even at three coats but again it doesn’t really bother me. It’s really not as noticeable in person as it is when you’re staring at a photo of my nails. This definitely gives me lemonade vibes.


Squeeze the Day: 2 coats plus top coat. “A true, juicy neon orange shade filled with green to purple shifting Aurora shimmers and flakes." This orange is everything I just love how bright it is with the green shimmer. For me it was enough coverage in two coats. Just like Melon Baller, you can see a tiny bit of nail line but I don’t mind it. Thus is another favorite of mine. And this is my dad‘s favorite color so I can’t wait to wear it around him because I know he will love it.

Good Limes: 3 coats plus top coat. "Celebrate good times this summer with this neon lime green filled with pink to purple shifting Aurora shimmers and flakes." At two coats, this would be OK but I really felt there was way too much nail line so I added a third.  This gives me vibes of old school neon green polishes that came out in the early 2000s. I have quite a few of them and I love them all.


The next three polishes are The Mattes, which will be $11 each.

The next three polishes dry matte and can be worn as matte because they are self-leveling. I find that when applying these, each coat is really like two coats.  You want to use a thick coat and then swipe it over twice. This is especially true for the yellow otherwise, it will look very patchy patchy

Sourpuss: 3 coats then top coat. "You’ll be the sweetest one on the block with this blindingly-bright true yellow that dries down to a smooth, matte finish." Unfortunately because of my visible nail line, this would never get opaque for me. I don’t believe in four coats of a nail polish so I stopped at three because that’s how I would paint my nails. You can see when it’s naturally dry, it’s a little patchy but it looks so much better with some topcoat, which is honestly how I would wear it.  I suggest a ridge filler as your base coat if you want to wear this color matte.


Vitamin C: 3 coats then top coat. "This lush and creamy neon will read red on some and orange on others, and dries down to a true matte finish." This one had a much better formula than Sourpuss. I almost got away with two coats but decided to do a third just to hide some of my nail line. It levels out really nicely and it’s just so bright and fun.  This one is my favorite of the three matte polishes.

Lime Light: 3 coats then top coat.this was similar to the formula of vitamin C. "Steal the spotlight with this lime green that dries down to a luscious matte finish." It self leveled and looked really great on its own. I can just see how all three polishes will look awesome together for nail art.


When: Wednesday, June 1st, at 8 PM EST.

Where: with domestic shipping only; international customers can order from Femme Fatal, Rainbow Connection UK, and Girly Bits. 

Price: $12.50 each for the shimmers/flakes; $11 for the mattes; or the seven-piece set for $75 with free shipping through the first week of the release.

Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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  1. A blurring base coat would eliminate the vnl

    1. I did mention wearing a ridge filler base coat--mine is from KB and it is tinted so it could eliminate some of it. Is blurring base coat something else? Let me know your favorite brand so I can check it out!


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