Monday, February 14, 2022

Valentine's Day Leopard Nail Art

 Press Sample 

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying my pin, and red nails for the past week! Well since today is Valentine’s Day, of course, I had to continue my pink nails. Y’all know I love leopard print nails. Well my brain thought why not leopard print with secret hearts? Well, a quick Google search shows I did not invent this 😂 but I love that others thought of it. Valentine’s Day Leopard Print with Heart spots! 

I wanted classic Valentine’s Day colors  I went back and forth between a red base with pink spots and a pink base with red spots. Ultimately, the pink base won out because I love pastel nails and I wanted a lighter color base. Plus I am wearing a red dress today, so the pink pops!

I did three coats of my pink base. It is somewhat neon, so it is pastel but hello! Then I did blobs of the red creme with a few blobby hearts. Lastly, I added the black outline to my spots to make it leopard! 

  • Pink: Zoya Jordan
  • Red: Morgan Taylor Wish Upon a Starboard 
  • Black: Stella Chroma New Moon

So can you spot my leopard print hearts? There are two on each nail!

Happy Valentine's Day, however you celebrate. Don't forget to get half off candy tomorrow!

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  1. I love love love this manicure. Happy Valentine's day. 💜💜💜

  2. Just what I wanted for Valentine's Day.


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