Monday, February 21, 2022

Zoya Dazzle Collection, Swatches and Review

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Happy Monday, everyone. Let's kick off the Monday blues with some shimmer! This is the Zoya Dazzle collection, which technically was the holiday collection. But really, do you only wear shimmers during the holidays? I wear them year round, especially in the summer with some sunshine! I actually wore two of these colors in my Valentine's Day waves nail art and for such a simple mani, I got so much feedback! So I love how these work with art.

I just want to mention that there will be shimmer everywhere upon removal. So if you see some on mine, don't judge.

Esme: 3 coats. 2 had the tiniest VNL so I did three for photos but would do two in real life. This is "A soft rose gold with a glistening gold glass fleck." I think your skin tone will determine how pink or orange this will be. On me, it is definitely more copper than rose gold. But I love this color. It is really pretty and the gold shimmer is super strong and pretty!


Sophia: 2 coats. An intense crimson red with a golden glass-fleck blended in. This stained a tiny bit but nothing an extra swipe with a lint-free square didn't remove. I love this color because it's my niece's name and she was so excited a polish was named after her LOL. While I do not gravitate toward red polishes, the gold in this one amps it up to a level 5 awesome red polish.


Dominique: 2 coats. A royal purple with a fierce glass fleck effect. Another shade that I do not normally reach for but the gold shimmer just elevates and makes this purple unique. Totally a purple lover's dream.


Marlena: 2 coats. A mid-toned cerulean blue with a gorgeous gold fleck effect. Well, this reminds me of an ocean! That is why I said this is not necessarily a holiday collection. This color is so summery but would be awesome with white snowflake stamping. Surprisingly, no staining with this one!


Alexis: 3 coats over ridge filling base coat. A shimmering white diamond with a beautiful mirrored effect. This will always show VNL on my opaque nails, but it was decent coverage for this type of color. This is what I used as my base for my Valentine's Day waves and it was awesome. I will definitely use it as a base for nail art in the future too. Love the white diamond, but not a huge fan on VNL so I would probably always pair this with something. I also want to mention removal is a breeze, as I wore this for a week. 


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