Thursday, February 10, 2022

Gradient Hearts Valentine's Day Nail Art

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Are you over my pink and heart-filled manicures? I'm not. I do love pink nails. My brain wanted something with a gradient of hearts. This is not something that came out how I intended, but I still kinda love it! So let's take a look!

I knew I wanted three colors of hearts, so I started with a muted red. I also knew I wanted the hearts to be a creme, so I decided on a base with flakes.

Mid Level Shear from Stella Chroma has just enough gorgeous pink with iridescent flakes that the creme polishes would pop off of it. This is actually an amazing matte polish and I could not decide if I wanted this look matte, but shiny won out.

Here are the colors I used. I went with all pinks and reds! I actually spent way too long looking for the perfect pinks that would pop off the base and not disappear into it. Do you like my choices?

  • Base: Stella Chroma Mid Level Shear
  • Red: Morgan Taylor Classic Red Lips
  • Mid Pink : Zoya Eden
  • Light Pink: Zoya Jordan


So I just love how gentle this looks! Have you been wearing pink and red nails?

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Zoya: SHOP, Facebook, Instagram.

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