Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Zoya Rose Palette, Swatches and Review

Press Sample

Hi all! This is a post that has been a longgggg time coming LOL. I actually did a gradient in November with a few colors from this collection and I have done pedicures and such. I also did a Valentine's Day Heart French Manicure. I just never posted swatches of this collection, which is a big bad on me! These cremes are amazing, so let's take a look! Also, sometimes bloggers bombard social media as soon as the collection I look at this as spreading the love since none of these are limited edition!

Palmer: 2 coats plus top coat. A brilliant blush cream. I wasn't sure how much I loved this pink until I realized I used it for multiple arts. For such a light pink, it has a stunning opaque formula. It's also in that in between of pale and bright and dusty.

Marcia: One coat but I did two for photos. A warm French rose cream. My favorite. Apparently, I like French Rose, whatever that is. It just is this beautiful in between of pink, mauve, and red. The combo is just a super wearable and lovely color. I cannot tell you how beautiful this is! 

Maggie: One coat but I did two for photos. A Persian red cream. I don't know what Persian red is but it is pretty! Again, it's like an in between of bright and muted and I love the hints of purple undertones. This is a winner and the formula is spot on!

Rochelle: Two coats. A deepened maroon red cream.  This is a great maroon. This has enough red undertones to be sultry and lovely. I don't reach for this type of color normally, but I wore it as a pedicure for like two weeks and then re-did the pedicure!

Suzie: Two coats. A dark cherry red cream. This was a little bit of thinner formula, so I had some spillage on my cuticles, so just be more delicate with application. This is my least favorite of the five, but it's like a perfect vampire red. So vampy!


Although this post was long overdue, it actually fits for February, in my eyes! The shades of pink and red perfectly compliment Valentine's Day moods. Formula is awesome on all of these!

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