Monday, November 29, 2021

Hanukkah Penguins Nail Art

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This year, Chanukah is super early! Last night, the 28th, was the first night. So I had a day off from Thanksgiving before turning around to make another huge meal. If you did not know, potato latkes are the main show for Chanukah. They are so tiring to make haha, but worth it! Anyway, I wanted to do some simple nail art for the holiday, and I knew immediately the Stella Chroma Vintage Holiday Glam Collection would be perfection.  

Chanukah doesn’t have the iconic emblems like other holidays. There’s the dreidel and menorah. Well, I saw some Chanukah penguins holding dreidels, so that’s what inspired this! Not sure why penguins are for Chanukah but hey, I am making this a thing!  


I used a bunch of blues for this look! Colors used:

  • Base: Stella Chroma Blue Velvet
  • Flake top coat: Stella Chroma Tangled Tinsel
  • Blues Stella Chroma Raking It In, Jessica Cosmetics Thunderbird and Blueberry Creme
  • Grey: Jessica Cosmetics Falcon 
  • White and black creme


Here are some close-ups of my penguins. If you did not notice, the one on the ring nail is carrying a gift with a dreidel on it. The one on my middle nail is holding a dreidel with the letter gimel on it, which means you win the entire pile!


I am hoping for one more Chanukah nail art before it ends…probably menorah based! I’ll be back!

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