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KBShimmer In Good Spirits Collection

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KBShimmer had to take a little break during the fall season but they are back in full force with this giant 12-piece holiday collection! For the first time in a long time, I have not been able to get swatches and son or shade and this is some thing that I have to get used to. With a new full-time job in daylight savings, I depend on weekends to Swatch which just isn’t always reliable. Plus, I can’t control the weather and the two weekends I had to swatch this collection, I had a wedding, a bar mitzvah, and a wedding anniversary,. The one day I had free, it poured. Lol. This is a huge post, so grab a snack and paper to make a wish list!

Spirits soar as the snowflakes fly, and we count down the days until our next celebration with family and friends. Excitement builds as we adorn thoughtful gifts with colorful wrapping paper and bake yummy cookies to be exchanged. We all know that crackers and cheese taste so much better from a carefully arranged party platter, paired with a favorite wine or hard cider, and surrounded by friends. Let the KBShimmer In Good Spirits collection bring you cheer this season with 12 all-new shades, including three with a new reflective finish.

In Good Spirits:  1 coat over Thyme on My Hands. "An iridescent shade with magical color-shifting possibilities, this polish can be worn on its own or layered over other colors. Layering over a white or neutral base like The Snuggle Is Real will bring out shades of green, gold, lime, and pink. Want a bolder look? A dark or black base will show off bold shades of emerald, fuchsia, purple and sometimes aqua." 

I knew everyone would show this color over a black or white, so I chose a beautiful dark sage cream.  This is a super versatile top coat and go over everything. Literally this can make you feel in good spirits (see what I did there?). One coat is all you need to transform a creme!


Fizz The Season: 2 coats. "Fizz The Season is a champagne-inspired holographic nail polish. A light, pearl-colored base is accented by strong flashes of gold and copper shimmer. In the light, the holographic pigment pops, bringing that classic linear rainbow look to this festive polish, while in the shade, tones of gray and champagne stand out."

 I love sparkly neutrals. I especially love the copper to almost pink shimmer. It adds that pop to a color that might be seen as plain but I love it!


All That Glimmers*: 2 coats. "All That Glimmers is a soft, rose gold nail polish loaded with micro reflective pigment. This warm pink hue offers a near matte finish with a subtle texture when worn without topcoat. When a flash of light hits your nails, the silver pigment reflects an unbelievable glimmering twinkle."

I totally forgot to take this one with top coat. BLAHH. But the others were stunning with top coat and I know this one is too! The reflective is also a bit duller with top coat, but it is still POW! Anyway, I love rose gold and this one is so pretty on its own and the flash makes it pop!

What's Poppin’: 2 coats. "What's Poppin’ is a bright magenta pink nail polish loaded with glowy holo flakes. A color-shifting shimmer accents this bold shade with a vibrant green hue that flips into aqua and purple. In lower lighting, golds and purples steal the show."  

This is a fun and icy pink color. The green shimmer was much more prominent in person than my photos, but it is there! 


Public Displays Of Confection: 2 coats plus top coat. "Rusty red in color, this shifty polish quickly shows off golden bronze hues that morph into warm peach. Scattered holo flakes shine in the sun, while gold, lime, and chartreuse green colors show off in the shade at different viewing angles." 

Y'all, this is gorgeous! I wore this one after I swatched it and it is soooo incredibly shifty and amazing. This is my favorite after Wrap It Up. Don't miss out!!


Take A Bough: 2 coats. "Take a Bough is a vibrant jade green nail polish. The bold green hue is accented by a gold-lime-green color-shifting shimmer that envelopes glowing holo flakes. In the shade, hints of darker green and teal can be seen at some angles, while a shy pop of bronze warms the green."

This is a fun and vibrant green and the gold shimmer makes it shifts to different tones.



Wrap It Up:  2 coats plus top coat. “A deep indigo base sets off a flurry of glowy holo flakes. A rustic red-orange shimmer quickly shows off shades of gold. In some angles and lighting, flickers of pink come out to play, while the base shows off more navy or purple tones."

This one is my absolutely favorite of the collection. After I wore Public Displays of Confection for a few days, I wore this one. I love the base color, the shimmer, the dimension. I love the formula and just how special it is. This is my winner!



Tapped Out*: 2 coats. Then with top coat.  "A dark-wash denim colored polish, Tapped Out features a glowy pink shimmer that can sometimes show off hints of green or gold. This shade twinkles as light catches the facets of its silver reflect pigment. Worn without topcoat, a near matte finish offers a smooth and subtle texture that feels like new denim. When a flash of light catches your nails, the silver pigment shines through brighter than a billion stars. For a darker, gleaming finish to show off the shimmer, top with 1-2 coats of a quick dry topcoat."

I love the pop of pink shimmer in this. It's so fun! The reflective even shows off the pink shimmer. The shift is much more evident in person than in my photos. It definitely goes to green and gold with the smallest move of your nails. It is even more obvious with the top coat.

Worth A Shot: 3 coats. "Worth A Shot is a cool, grape-purple-leaning polish loaded with multichrome shimmer. Like a full color photo, this polish shows nearly a full spectrum of color, with rusty orange reds morphing into gold, lime and blue in lower lighting. In bright light, hues of peach, green, and aqua pop against the purple base." 

I can tell this will be a fan favorite. It is soooo shifty, hence my way too many photos. Really, you can see the rainbow in this color and the light purple base is a nice overall look!



Shake Things Up:  2 coats. "A light, near steel pewter gray, this shifty shade is loaded with shimmer showing of a rainbow of hues. In the light, a bright green and warm gold pop, while glowing holo flakes add a touch of shine. In lower lighting and shade, a soft bronze shifts into yellow and green, while the edges play with hints of blue that deepen into a darker gray." 

This  is one of my favorites because I adore that added shimmer. It's just a bright green and yellow backdrop against the steel base and I am here for it. I know this will be a go-to color. Awesome coverage too!

A Little Cooler: 1 coat over Chai-huahua. "A Little Cooler is a magnetic holographic nail polish topper that brings sparkle to any manicure. One coat applied when magnetized will create a 3D-like column of near linear holographic sparkle. When pulled with the magnet, a light gray, nearly transparent cast will be left. A Little Cooler is best used in one coat over darker colors for maximum sparkle.  Notes: It is recommended to use the magnet once after the first coat, rocking the magnet to get the sides of the nail, then repeat using the magnet after applying Clearly On Top. When this magnetic spreads during drying, the holo sparkle will become more pronounced."

I feel like I stink at magnetic polishes, lol. Anyway, this is a different take, since it is a top coat and I paired it with a medium dark color, but I bet this looks better over a darker color or even a multichrome! I followed her directions above to use it. 

After Midnight*: 2 coats. Then with top coat. "After Midnight is as flashy as any sequined dress with its micro light-catching glitter. A deep, near black charcoal color, After Midnight twinkles as light catches the facets of its reflective pigment for a velvet-like look. Worn without topcoat, a near matte finish offers a smooth and subtle texture that feels like fabric. When a flash of light catches your nails, the silver pigment shines through brighter than a billion stars."

This one does remind me of a texture polish from back in the dark. It is so moody and then the flash is like whoa! One coat of top coat did smooth it over. I did notice that the reflective aspect is a bit duller with top coat, but that is because there is another literal barrier!

*Please note, our new reflective shades are loaded with pigment for maximum reflective shine. Shake well and use thin coats, as this is a thicker formula.

KBShimmer Clean Start Gel Cuticle Remover – Available in 15 ml bottle and 4oz refill

TO USE: Working on one hand at a time, use the brush to apply a thin strip of KBShimmer Gel Cuticle Remover to your cuticle area. Wait 15 seconds, then gently push back each cuticle with a pusher of your choice, taking care to remove dead skin stuck to the nail bed with the head of the pusher. Wash thoroughly with soap and water to remove excess remover from the skin. If needed, carefully clip hangnails. Follow with the cuticle oil of your choice or follow your normal nail prep routine if applying polish.

I have been using this for a few months and it works really well. I was used to the very running cuticle remover and I like that this one stays in place. Although there is no added scent in the form of "this is scented," I smell a nice and light pleasant scent.

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My favorites are Wrap It Up, Public Displays of Confection, Shake Things Up, Worth a Shot and Fizz the Season. What about you?! Which ones will you grab?!

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  1. Great swatches . I thought I knew which ones I wanted but after seeing them on you ( our skin tones are similar) I have added a couple more. Thank you for swatching them. ☺

    1. Thank you! It makes me happy to hear that I can influence a purchase ;) Enjoy your polishes!! What did you grab?

    2. All That Glitters,After Midnight,Public Displays , Shake Things up , and Worth a Shot . I'm sure there is 3 more I will get. But for now it's a start .☺


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