Monday, November 22, 2021

Pusheen Calendar Series: Thanksgiving Nail Art

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Hello all! It's Pusheen time and although I had to simplify this look, I love the calendar and the beautiful Thanksgiving wreath. Where can I get such a gorgeous wreath like this? I love the bright pastel yet harvest colors and I really just dig the entire palette!

I absolutely love this image for the calendar. I had to simplify the wreath to dots based on the colors of the wreath. The background is a bright yellow, but my camera kept pulling up this beige color. I assure you, my nail base is the actually color of the calendar! I love the pumpkins, the purple leaves, the acorns and the mushrooms. So cute!


As I mentioned above, I did not have time to do the wreath. Instead, I did dots with the colors of the wreath and I did a half-moon look. It is really cute against the bright yellow base. Speaking of that base, did you notice how it ate my grey on Pusheen. Once I added top coat, it like absorbed the base. Any ideas what that happened?!


I used a bunch of yellows and oranges for this look, which is totally autumn and Thanksgiving.

  • Base: Girly Bits Saffron, Saffroff
  • Purple: Turtle Tootsie Don’t Touch My Stuff 
  • Yellow: Zoya Honey 
  • Darker pink: Morgan Taylor Perfect Landing
  • Light pink: Morgan Taylor Up in the Airheart 
  • Darker yellow: Girly Bits Butternut Leave Me 
  • Greys: Girly Bits Hit and Mist and Greyz and Confused 
  • Outline: Jessica Cosmetics #lovethislook


Seriously, any ideas on why the yellow absorbed into my grey? I am just going to say that Pusheen was super thankful for food and overate LOL.



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