Friday, December 22, 2017

Charlie Brown Christmas Nail Art

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I was really feeling my Halloween Charlie Brown nail art so I felt I needed to do Charlie Brown for Christmas too! So I got into my winter vibes and created a scene from the movie. This was also on last night, and I watched it right before I went to Rockefeller Center to take an annual photo with my boyfriend. We have been going every year since 2009!

Charlie Brown Christmas Nail Art

So if you google Charlie Brown Christmas, there's so many varieties of images! I saw this one and a darker version the most, and wanted the lighter version with Snoopy on top of his home!

Image Courtesy of Google

So I decided on Snoopy on my middle nail and a Charlie Brown Christmas tree on my pinky. I used the snow background on my other nails. They are cartoony snowballs and it's cute. 

Charlie Brown Christmas Nail Art

Base is gradient of China Glaze Good Tide-ings, LeChat Moonstone, and OPI My boyfriend Scales Walls. The red is Zoya Ming. Then I used a ton of other nail polish colors! If you have a question on one, just ask in the comments!

Charlie Brown Christmas Nail Art

Charlie Brown Christmas Nail Art

Snoopy is so cute! And I think my tree came out well too!
Charlie Brown Christmas Nail Art

I love how these came out. I'm still wearing them but I'm going to switch to my official Christmas manicure tomorrow. I feel like my Christmas manicures this year were subtle festive. I barely did green and red nails. Oh well. I love this!

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  1. Look at you being organized! I have no idea what I'm wearing for Christmas.

    1. I didn't realize it was on! Haha. I'm torn on a few Christmas manis. I may just go with a simple dotticure.

  2. I am not a peanuts fan, but this is really spot on.


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