Thursday, December 21, 2017

Winter Nail Art Challenge: Gift Wrap Nail Art

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Gifts!  I'm either really good at them or really bad. I'm bad this year. Whomp. I have some more to buy. I debated what to do for this prompt! I have so many cute holiday wrapping paper, which I was going to do. Then I decided to create a wrapping paper I want!

Winter Nail Art Challenge: Gift Wrap Nail Art

First, I want to show you this Nail Slice Wheel. It's like slivers of thin gold art material. I've linked a winter festive version of the one I am showing below. They are a similar design. The wheel is $1.29.

Winter Nail Art Challenge: Gift Wrap Nail Art

I just received the Thrill of the Chill collection from Morgan Taylor and I was really feeling it. So I grabbed a few of those and went to town!

Base: My Main Freeze topped with Ice Cold Gold
Polka Dots: Angling for a Kiss (which is currently on my toes, and I love it!)
Lines: Just Tutu Much
Beauty Big Bang Bows

I matted everything before topping the center with the bows.

Winter Nail Art Challenge: Gift Wrap Nail Art

Winter Nail Art Challenge: Gift Wrap Nail Art

Obviously, these bows are a temporary art because they don't lay flat on my curved nails unless I wore them up by the cuticle. It's cute for a few hours though! I'll have proper swatches of the new Morgan Taylor winter collection in 2018. That sounds far away but it's less than 2 weeks!

This nail slice wheel is $1.29. The wheel on the site is more Christmas and holiday-themed as the one I showed you today is not currently available. And don'y forget to use my discount code, MICH10 for 10% off.

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