Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pusheen Calendar Series: A Round-Up of 2017

Press Sample

So this year, I started a new series on my blog, Pusheens! Each month, I was inspired by the calendar and took that image and put it on my nails. It was fun creating different landscapes and Pusheen characters. It was really fun for me to look through all my posts, so I figured you would enjoy it! I linked every post, so if you want to check them out more, you can!

Pusheen 2017 Calendar Series Round-Up

I have linked each post so you can click for color details, and how I was inspired!

January 2017: Pusheen is keeping those resolutions with DONUTS.
Pusheen with Donuts

February 2017: Pusheen has a bow, since it's Valentine's Day.

Pusheen for Valentine's Day

March 2017: Jurassic Pusheen, cause dinosaurs!

Jurassic Pusheen

April 2017: Rainbow Pusheen, Unicorn!


May 2017: Pusheen cat cafe. This is one place I want to be!

Pusheen Cat Cafe

June 2017: Chef Pusheen, making a mess in the kitchen

Chef Pusheen

Here was my halfway collage!

July 2017: Pusheen eating all the ice cream. All of it. 

Pusheen and Ice Cream

August 2017: Mermaid Pusheen! Pusheen has many personalities. 

Mermaid Pusheen

September 2017: Baker Pusheen. I think this one may have been my favorite! 

Baker Pusheen

October 2017: Pusheen Ghosts. BOO!

Pusheen Ghosts

November 2017: Thankful for cats! 

Thankful Pusheen

December 2017: Christmas Pusheen, all tangled in the lights! SO silly.

Christmas Pusheen

Oh my, those were fun to look back on! Remember to click on each post to see specific details for colors (and press samples and all that). These were super fun to create. Some were wonky, some came out pretty awesome, but all were fun!

So which month was your favorite? Or your top favorites? I hope you don't mind that I continue this series in 2018, since I have the calendar! 

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  1. I can’t believe 2017 is done! Lol. It was fun to see Pusheen through the months!

  2. The Christmas light ones just get me every time I see them! SO cute! Can't wait to see where you take your Pusheen manis this year!

    1. It was the only angry Pusheen. I loved how that turned out. I've got the calendar up and ready!

    2. I think my favorite is the April rainbow one. They're all so cute.

  3. Every Pusheen mani you did was ADORABLE.

  4. Cutest posts ever! My favorites were Dinosaur Pusheen, Rainbow Pusheen & Mermaid Pusheen.

  5. Oh my, these are all so adorable!! My favorite is the March one with the dinosaurs!


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