Friday, March 10, 2023

Checkered Nail Art

 Press Sample

Hello everyone and meet my new shorties. I was just sitting at home  and I said I don’t want long nails right now and so I chopped them off. I go through phases but it felt really nice to start fresh. So you might see my nails go back-and-forth between long and short because I chopped them off after swatching three collections in one week. That’s probably what prompted me to chop them off. And would you believe, that I had A BREAK with these short nails. I bet you can see it. So my nails are even shorter now.

So I was inspired by something on Pinterest that had no watermark so if you know who did this, let me know so I can credit. It was a fun checkered pattern that was sort of broken up. There was a neutral base although mine was a little too dark so the breakup of the checkered pattern wasn't that easy to see. 


Here are the colors I used:

  • Base: Morgan Taylor Tell Her She’s Stellar
  • Yellow: Jessica Cosmetics Sunglow
  • Green: Jessica Cosmetics Boho Chic
  • Stella Chroma Dark Matte-rs Matte top coat
  • Stamping: BBB XL-056

I did three thin coats of the base on all my nails except my ring and my thumb which I put one coat. Because I plan to stamped entirely on that nail and cover it in the checkered pattern, I didn’t need a full base.


So I originally was going to hand paint the checkered pattern. But then I realized how hard that is and how I never make it quite even. I never strive for perfection but I don’t want to look entirely wonky. It was way easier and faster to just stamp with a plaid image and then fill in the colors. I stamped the yellow because the green could go over the yellow. 

The yellow polish was not a stamping polish but it showed me enough that I was able to use it as a guide to re-color in the checkers. I used some latex border on my nail so I wouldn't stamp the whole thing. 

In the end it looked way cooler on the Pinterest photo thing on my nails and it took over an hour and my neck really hurt so if you want to try it heed my warning. I do think the nails looked cooler from afar so here's a picture of what I mean.


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  1. That is a fun manicure. I love the colors you chose. Your nails always look great no matter their length . Thanks for sharing .💜

    1. The colors were inspired by the original mani. I think that's what drew me to it! So unique


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