Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Zoya Toasty, Transitional 2023 Swatches and Review

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Oh my, I am actually on time-ish with my Zoyas. I am so proud. While I just shared last year's transitional collection, now I have this year's. I actually love these transitional collections. They are year round to me and I just love how clean and pretty they look. So let's get to Toasty.

Cozy up to this array of welcoming neutral , full coverage, creams, ranging from a medium grey to a deep raisin purple. This harmonious body of toasty shades will unwind your mind for a relaxing everyday color.


Abigail: 2 coats.  A medium elephant grey, with cool undertones in a cream formula. I knew this would give me zombie hands but I still love colors like this. There’s just no way around it with my yellow undertones. This gray almost has some beige and brown in it. The first coat was a little runny and sheer but it came together really nicely in two coats.


Crystal: 2 coats. A greyed, muted grey mulberry with warm undertones in a cream formula. This is another color gives me zombie hands. This one has a bit of purple in it, so it is lovely. Nice formula.


Rae: 2 coats. A dusty rose suede, with subtle warm and tan undertones in a cream formula. This is one of the colors I used in my Valentine's Floral manicure last month. I love the color. Dusty rose explains it perfectly. This is one that I will reach for when I don't know what I want to wear because it's nice and clean.


Hattie: 2 coats. A rosy, Tuscan pink in a cream formula. This is the other color I used for art last month. This one has a bit more pink in it than Rae. It’s really pretty. This is my favorite of the collection.


Elowen: 2 coats. A spicy, rich cabernet in a cream formula. Cabernet is a great description for this color because it really does remind me of wine. It’s not a color I reach for but I feel like it’s definitely popular among the masses. This one has a great formula and it would be a beautiful pedicure color for me.


Ora: 2 coats. A dark chocolate tinged blackberry in a cream formula. I understand why they added a dark color in this collection, but I feel like it wasn't needed. It does complete the sort of ombre gradient in the collection. But it doesn’t feel transitional since it really is too dark for me to be a spring color. To me this is what I would maybe wear in November/December but I guess transitional includes January where there really is no color attached to that season.


Do I feel like I have seen some of these colors from Zoya before, yes? Do I still love them? Yes. I plan to do a giant Zoya clean out and I really want to do a massive comparison post to trim down my collection.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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  1. Great swatches. I also like Hattie the most out of this collection. Probably because there is a bit more brightness to it. I usually have my dark polishes put in the "winter" helmer so I won't see those until late fall lol. Thanks for sharing. 💜

    1. Helmer by season?! That's a new idea! I also just thought Hattie was more flattering on me than other colors.

  2. I just have too many polishes and if I sort it only by brand it takes forever to find a specific shade. It seems to work.


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