Friday, March 24, 2023

Zoya Daydreaming for Spring 2023, Swatches and Review

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Are you so proud of me? I am 100% caught up on Zoya swatches AND showing a collection early! To me, March isn’t really spring since it’s usually still pretty cold. But since these polishes released just a few weeks ago (and they released them before I even had them), I am here to share. This 6-piece collection is full of unexpected shades of shimmer. So let’s take a look.


Yardley: 2 coats. Yardley is a peachy champagne gold, infused with micro-shimmer in a 2 coat full coverage formula. This color surprised me because based on the bottle, I thought it would come out super frosty. But it did not; it has a really gorgeous shimmer and there are the subtle pink flakes that you can easily see in person that had really nice dimension. The first coat is very sheer but it builds up nicely in two coats.


Sipsey: 2 coats. Sipsey is a red tinted amber, in a golden 2 coat coverage micro-shimmer formula for a sparkling copper finish. I knew immediately this one would be my favorite. The burnt auburn base with the gold shimmer is just absolutely stunning. After I swatched this, I knew I wanted to put it back on immediately. I can’t wait for art with this even if it feels more autumn than spring.


Tink: 3 coats. Tink is a juicy amaranth magenta in a zestful 2 coat coverage microshimmer formula. This was fine in two coats if I weren’t taking photographs. But there was a tiny bit a visible nail line on my middle and ring nail so I opted for third thin coat. But in person, I would only do two. This is such a bright and fun pink shimmer and I feel like it might belong more in summer collections but hey, it’s perfect if you go on a spring break. There’s a rainbow microfleck that really adds to this pink and they are so much more obvious in person. Lastly, whose name is Tink?


Terra: 3 coats. Terra is an amethyst purple with pink undertones, in an easy 2 coat coverage micro-shimmer formula. When I saw this I immediately thought of an old Zoya called Danii. Then I did a quick swatch comparison, and they are not alike at all. Maybe I’ll share those in a separate post. This one has the same sparkle shimmer that you see in Tink.


Marie: 3 coats. Marie is a lively Chinese violet in a 2 coat coverage micro-shimmer formula. These 4 all have that same dimensional shimmer. That’s why the colors take three coats so the shimmer can shine and not get buried in a deep base. This is like a dusty periwinkle shimmer. It reminds me of a lilac flower and so I definitely get the sense of spring.


Kira: 3 coats. Kira is a vibrant cornflower blue infused with micro-shimmer, in a 2 coat coverage formula. The addition of this nice sky blue creates a pretty ombre look in the collection. Plus I do love blue and brown together and I like that they’re on both sides of the spectrum in this collection. It’s a nice sky blue that isn’t too bright.


Like I mentioned in my Zoya Toasty post, I do plan to pull out all my Zoyas and re-organize them. I have them organized by color but as collections come in and I keep colors, they get disorganized. I plan to do some basic swatch comparisons on my nail mat and see if I can purge any. I’ll be sure to take photos and post those comparisons so you can see what you have in your own collection or what you want to buy. 

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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  1. I like this collection. It feels more like a fall collection but great colors. Your nails always look perfect . I have to ask when using zoya do you use the small brush or wide one?? I swapped many of mine out now I feel clumsy if I use a polish that has a small brush. Thanks for sharing 💜💜

    1. Wow, thank you! It definitely does not scream spring. I could see this as an August transitional collection to Fall. So I have a million Z wide brushes and have not changed a single one, mostly because I'm lazy. So I stick with the thin brush that comes with it. I also like the thin brush because I only use cremes for pedicures, so I tend to reach for Zoyas for pedis and the thin brush is way better for my toes.

    2. Definetly the small brush for pedicures. You popped into my head the other night.....I know creepy right. We had the most amazing northern lights and I remembered you saying you had never seen them.

    3. That is so awesome (and not creepy!). I wish I could see it. They were present about 1.5 hours north, but only by photograph. I saw some gorgeous pictures! LOL

  2. Thank you for this beautiful post and this beautiful review of Zoya Daydreaming collection; it takes a lot of time and efforts to do this and you did a good job! I love all the colours in this collection, my favourites are Terra, Marie, Kira :-)

    1. Thank you for your nice words. I see you are a blue and purple gal! These shimmers sure are pretty


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