Wednesday, March 15, 2023

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Dotticure with KBShimmer Spring 2023 Collection

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Hi all! St. Patrick's Day is this Friday and I figured I could squeeze one look in. As I mentioned last post, I cut my nails down, then had a break, so I have super shorties. I wanted a quick mani and loved KBShimmer's Looking for Love for Polish Pickup. As I wore it, I realized, perfect base for some simple art!


This look isn't something brand new by any means. A rainbow dotticure, sure! This one is just my fun look with six of the nine new KBShimmer's which I'll be sharing on Friday. They actually release TODAY though. But since they are not limited edition or anything, I figured I can take my time sharing. My brain was thinking a rainbow over a pot of gold!


If you are wondering why two pictures in this pose, because when I have a gap where my thumb is, I am convinced the colors are somehow showing off differently and I did not know which I liked more lol. 

I added dots of the first six colors of the KB collection in rainbow order. Some are pretty sheer, so they needed two coats. The pink is sort of hard to see, but it's there. I intended to wear this shiny, but you'll see why it just did not work.


I have been using Stella Chroma Dark Matte-rs and I am really loving it as a matte top coat. It dried fast, has not left any white specks that matte top coats can do, and gives a great overall matte look! So if you are looking for a fabulous matte top coat, this one is great. 



Here is the look with shiny top coat, which was how I planned to wear it. But it was just so much sparkle, it was hard to distinguish everything!


The new KBShimmer collection is available now!


  1. I love dotticures . The colors are great. I look forward to your post on Friday. I did see your pics on the site. Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. They are so easy to do! Yes, my brain thought since we were only allowed to show pictures starting 3/10, that EVERYONE would post and my post would be drowned out (and it took over 5 hours to create!). So I waited!


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