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KBShimmer Plant One on Me, Spring 2023 Collection

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I took over 625 pictures of these polishes because I have problems lol. That's how many different angles I wanted to share. I narrowed them down to just over 100 photos, because well, that's all I could do. I get so excited to share photos in all different lighting that I take too many. But really, these polishes are so sparkly and have so much dimension, I just have to share them.

Plant One On Me Collection by KBShimmer

After months of brown and gray everywhere, one day you wake up, and the grass is green. It seems like a miracle when the frozen ground starts to thaw, and suddenly, gardens are abuzz with life again as the first pops of purple, yellow, pink, and green brighten the previously drab earth. Soon, those early blooming crocus and daffodils have new neighbors, as garden centers tempt with rows of pink, orange, and violet spring florals ready for planting. As the spring turns to summer, cut bouquets offer a rainbow of hues that even those without a green thumb can enjoy. These bright blooms help usher in the season and are celebrated by KBShimmer’s new nine-piece nail polish collection, Plant One On Me. Retailing for $12 each, this bright and bold collection offers a variety of finishes to add a pop of floral-inspired color to your nails. 


So Impatiens: 2 coats. This is such a pretty pink and it’s definitely special because of those glow flakes that KBShimmer is known for. I can see this as the most perfect summer pedicure. That shifty shimmer with the pop of orange and gold makes me love it that much more. The first coat looks really sheer but it builds up nicely in two. 

So Impatiens nail polish is a vibrant and punchy pink shade loaded with shifty shimmer and holo glow flakes. Lower lighting brings out hints of orange, red, and gold, which can make the magenta pink appear more coral. 



That’s Ranunculus: 2 coats. I have been waiting for a true orange reflective for way too long. I noticed when I was doing my Halloween nails that I could not do exactly what I wanted without it. I have a darker pumpkin latter shade from KBShimmer but this is that bright orange that I love. There is a bit of pink to it so it’s not as orange as I’d hoped but it’s an absolutely stunning coral type color. Also this is my favorite flower so I feel like this is one of my favorite polishes of the collection. Like all reflectives, this dries a little matte, but I didn’t feel like using topcoat.

That’s Ranunculus nail polish borrows its vibrant orange hue from those vibrant blooms. A burnt orange background shimmers with sparks of red, magenta, and tangerine. In bold lighting or under flash, gold reflective glitters twinkle, bringing out a pinker shade of shimmer. 



Daffodil With It: 3 coats. I had a tiny bit of VNL because it was a sheer yellow so I opted for third thin coat. I haven’t seen a straight holographic polish from KBShimmer in a really long time. Also I find that all of her yellows eventually get discontinued, so if you are a yellow fan, grab this soon. It’s just a fun spring color.

Daffodil With It is a vibrant yellow linear holographic nail polish. This joyful hue mimics those early spring buds with its golden tone leaning slightly green, for a near true yellow in bright lighting. 



Change of Plants: 3 coats. Two coats was probably enough but I added a third for depth. This one is so vibrant and fun. If you go on vacation to the tropics, this needs to be your pedicure. There are so many different shifts all in the same color family and it’s just so gorgeous. I have too many photos because ugh, it’s shockingly beautiful.

Change Of Plants nail polish echoes those rows of bright green leaves. A shimmery base shows off hues of lemon yellow, gold, lime, and leaf green. A hint of micro holographic glitter adds a dew-like twinkle like freshly watered plants catching the sunlight. 



Lilac It or Not: 3 coats. So many of these colors can be fine in two coats with shorter nails but I did a third thin coat for depth. This reminds me of an older KBShimmer collection that had all those glow flakes in them. It was one of my favorite collections ever. I really love the subtle purple shift that isn’t really that subtle once you move your nails the tiniest bit. It’s really pretty and sort of reminds me of rainy days or forget me Nots.

Lilac It Or Not nail polish pays homage to those aromatic bunches of tiny blossoms. A cool blue base offers up a bed for holo glow flakes to twinkle and shine. Subtle lighting or shade, along with different viewing angles, bring out lavender and purple hues, while brighter lighting amps up an icy blue shimmer and those holo sparkles. 


Before & Aster: 3 coats. This one is going to be a crowd favorite because it’s an entire rainbow of shift in a periwinkle purple base. It’s really pretty and I cannot wait to put it back on and do nail art with it. This is not a color I normally go for but wow, I really love it. 

Before & Aster nail polish is a deep cornflower blue-leaning periwinkle. Loaded with holo glow flakes, bright light brings about a rainbow sparkle along with a vibrant pink shimmer. In the shade, the color-shifting shimmer shows off hints of copper, green and gold. 



Simply Iris-istible: 2 coats. Never would I have thought this would be a favorite of mine but that green shimmer just makes it so special. As you know, I’m not really a purple fan but this color won me over; it is so pretty and I appreciate a little bit of a darker color even for a spring collection.

Simply Iris-istible nail polish is a muted royal purple hue loaded with glowing holo flakes. Brighter lighting amplifies the holo while bringing out gold and green from the shimmery base. In lower lighting or shade, a near rainbow of hues shift from a dusty rose to copper, gold, green, and blue, depending on the viewing angle. 



Ultra-Violet: 3 coats. This one applied a bit patchy and sheer for me. So the first coat really was sheer. The pink shimmer is really pretty in this reflective although I feel like I have seen something like it. I feel like I already love the other two purple colors which is so out of character for me that this one’s just fine. Again, I didn’t feel like using topcoat but because it dries like a texture, you will want to if you want to wear it long-term. I do love the surprise pink with flash.

Ultra-Violet is a purple reflective shade boldly colored to usher in warm weather. In low light, purple reflective glitters subtly twinkle, setting off a deep purple violet hue. In brighter light, the purple reflective glitters burst forth, giving off a near ultraviolet color. 



Spring Theory: 3 coats then matte. If I wore this without taking photos, two coats would’ve been fine. But there was a tiniest bit of nail line so I added a third coat just to cover it up for pictures. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a crelly from KBShimmer. I feel like this is what made her famous in the beginning. White polishes with fun glitters. This is another fun one and I love the matte glitters in them.

Spring Theory nail polish starts with a snowy white crelly base. Tiny glitters in shades of blue, purple, yellow, green, and pink swim within the creamy white like a bed of flowers popping through that last snow of the season. 

Phew! That was a lot of photos, and I hope you appreciate how much work really does go into these posts. I’m so happy to share them with you in all different lighting. I really did not intend to do sun and shade, but it happened to be a somewhat warm, (50°) day that I decided OK let’s do this. And I think it helps with accuracy of colors seeing it all different lighting and not just fancy, glamorized shots. 

These release on March 15. Which ones will you be grabbing? 


  1. I really appreciate all the work you put into your posts. I haven't ordered yet . I was waiting for your swatches. I really dont think I could pick a favorite. They are all pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing. 💜

    1. Change of Plants, Before & Aster, and Simply Iris-istible are my favorites, but it's definitely hard to choose. I love others as well. Did you end up grabbing any? I really love how cohesive this collection is!

    2. I have Change of Plants, Simply Iris-istable, Spring Theory , and So Impatiens in my cart. I love the color of Ranunculus but not a fan of reflective glitter. I will sleep on it lol. Again thanks for the fantastic and accurate swatches of the collection. 💜


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