Sunday, March 26, 2023

Zoya Toasty and Daydreaming Comparisons

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So as I mentioned in my Toasty post, I had been meaning to re-organize and go through my Zoya drawers. As collections come in, it's hard to organize and I just throw them in a drawer. So I pulled them all out, was quickly overwhelmed, and tried to reorganize. I still have A LOT of comparisons to do but I wanted to show the ones I did for the most recent collections. I did these on my nail mat because my back hurt so much from organizing hundreds of Zoyas.





I truly felt I had a dupe for Hattie from Zoya, but Rumi is much darker and more purple. I am keeping both because I do love colors like this. 

Hattie left, Rumi right


Next is Crystal. I purge many greys just because they really don't look nice on me due to my yellow undertones and I don't need that many for art. I did have Vicki though which was soooo sheer compared to Crystal, so Vicki was purged. 

Crystal left, Vicki right 


Again, my brain thought I had many purples like Ora. I'm not a purple lover but I do normally keep the dusty purples, because I am a fan. Although these looked the same in the bottle, Michaela was much more grey. I think I am going to keep both. 

Ora left, Michaela right 


So I definitely have many colors like Elowen, just with the slightest differences. Mona has a bit more brown than Elowen. In the process, I did purge Yvonne, which is very close to Mona. I'll decide later if I keep both of these. 

Elowen left, Mona right 


Again, I swore I had colors like Rae, but this was the last one I did and I was tired, so I have a few more colors to compare it with. I did get to organize these type colors into a drawer, so I will go through it again because how much dusty neutrals do I need? Jill is much more grey, but I have a colleague with this name so I am going to give it to her!

Rae left, Jill right 



My brain was sooo convinced I had a color like Tink, but I honestly may have purged it. Mae was the closest I found, but the shimmers and base pinks were totally different. Tink has a multicolor shimmer. Mae is more bubblegum pink and Tink is more magenta.

Tink left, Mae right 


I love these golden browns! None exactly match Yardley but Soleil was the closest. You can see Soleil is a lot more yellow while Yardley has more pink.

Yardley left, soleil right


Like I mentioned in my swatch post, I thought Terra was a for sure dupe of Dannii. But again, that multicolor shimmer is very different. Dannii also has more grey. I'm keeping both for now.

Terra left, Dannii right 


Sipsey was my clear favorite. Tawny was the closest color. Tawny is more brown. For now, I am keeping both because these are colors I love.

Sipsey left, Tawny right 

I had nothing really close to Marie (or Kira) and while these look similar in the bottle, they are not alike at all. 

Marie left, Isa right  

During this clean out, I purged 16 Zoya (maybe more) because re-organizing the colors showed me more dupes or near dupes than I remembered. I do plan to go through them AGAIN because just emptying and organizing by color took forever and I saw way more pinks then I will ever need. If I do another round of purging, would you be interested in seeing older Zoya comparisons?

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