Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Zoya Toasty Abstract Nail Art

Press Sample

I have a lot of Zoya posts this month! I wanted to do some abstract Zoya Toasty nail art. It literally snowed last week and it's been freezing so my brain is not all about pastels and spring yet, despite it literally being spring. So after it snowed last week, I put on these nails!


So I always try do a nail art with collections because I like to see how cohesive a collection is. Of course, this collection is obviously cohesive, since it's an ombre look of similar tones all in one. Abstract art is always fun because there is no rhyme or reason and somehow, blobs, lines, and dots just come together. 


I used Hattie as my base because it was my favorite of the collection. Because Rae is sort of close, you cannot really see it that well. Really, I should have used Crystal as my base so everything popped, but I did not want to wear a grey base. Also, Ora and Elowen look really similar.

This is my blobs and dots look! Blob random colors and then add dots. Easy peasy!

So stay tuned this week for swatches of the Daydreaming Spring collection and then comparisons of colors from both Toasty and Daydreaming!

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  1. I look forward to your zoya collection nail art. This manicure is perfect. I always use your idea to try a similar mani. Mine don't look as good but I try. Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. I bet yours look great! Every time I do this art, I think it looks like junk and then I add the dots and it brings it together. Without the dots, it's not so pretty LOL!

    2. Mine are ok. My favorite one you did was the zoya naturel 4 collection dry brush mani. Dots are the best.☺

    3. Had to search those and YES, I love the dry brush look with dots even more. Time to bring those back out!

  2. Definitely these polishes work great put all together :-) I like your manicure, it's very creative :-)

    1. It's always a creative process trying to put six polishes into one art, which is made so much easier when the colors work together!


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