Thursday, June 29, 2023

Reflective Watermelon Nail Art

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Where to begin?! Well, I was on vacation for two weeks traveling around new cities on a fun road trip. I loved it! 3 days later, I had an academic conference where I presented some really fun research and then supported other academics for four days. It was actually in NYC (last year was Brasil!) so I would leave my place at 8:30am and get back at 9pm! So nails took a backseat really for all of June. I swatched what I had before I left for vacation and well, just wore plain colors. I actually wore KBShimmer You Wanna Peach of Me for the conference and it held up so well despite hauling around books and turning lots of pages. THEN my modem died and I lost Internet for a few days. And because I have been so busy, I did not hit my 2 books a month, whomp! So I plan to read double in July. Anywho, all those life updates, but I finally did my nails. SHOCKING! 

I don't know what it is but it seems I do watermelon nails OFTEN. So often, that last year, I compiled just how many times and versions I did. Well, here is more watermelon, but this time reflective!

Here are the colors I used. The two reflectives are from the brand new KBShimmer Sugar Rush collection I shared earlier this month!

  • Pink creme: Zoya Tweedy, 3 coats 
  • Green creme: Jessica Cosmetics Love You Very Matcha, 3 coats 
  • Pink reflective: KBShimmer Feeling Good
  • Green reflective: KBShimmer Pull It Together 
  • Black and White creme


Of course, reflectives are fun when they reflect! Here are the photos using flash, so you can see just how fun this manicure is! I debated adding dots with the reflective in the negative space, but then felt it might detract from the pretty watermelons!


Just want to mention that this did take over 45 minutes despite being such simple art. Why? Because reflectives are not the easiest to use, but man, they are so effective! Reflectives are thick, so I only blobbed a little at a time to do the art so I wouldn't waste it!


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  1. I love love love this manicure. The reflective glitter looks amazing. I might need to buy it now. My partner said " oh those look like those jelly candies with the sugar." Your manicure has me craving watermelon now. Sorry to hear about your modem.
    No internet for 2 days 😨 Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I absolutely love using reflectives for art and accents vs a full manicure! Ohhh your partner is SO right! I love those fruit slices. Thank YOU for sharing my art as well.

  2. This manicure is very "yummy" and I love it! :-)

    1. The reflective makes it look like real candy! Thank you


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