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KBShimmer Sugar Rush Collection, Summer 2023

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It's summer time! Or almost. KBShimmer was inspired by candy for her most recent collection, and that seems like fun to me! I also laughed when I opened the press package and it was filled with candy that inspired this collection. No chocolate, because that melts in the summer! So let's check out this bright and fun summer collection. While I do miss neons, this one is filled with bright shimmers, reflectives, and holos!


Unwrapping a sugary treat can bring back fond memories. As a child, tempting displays of treats at the concession stand made going to a movie the perfect activity for a hot summer’s day. Summer sleepovers meant picking out our favorite candy to enjoy during late night giggle sessions. Road trips meant snacks, and there was no better way to help the miles fly by than to enjoy a roll of sweet and tart candies or a pack of jaw-breaking balls that lasted forever. Gum that came in rolls made for hours of bubble blowing, while sour coated treats made for colorful and sore tongues. All grown up, the candy aisle may not be the magical place it once was, but the office candy bowl can still make the day a bit brighter.

Photo courtesy of KBShimmer

“Feeling Good is a boldly colored pink reflective nail polish. Loaded with reflective pigment, this bright pink shade comes alive in the light, with a daring hot pink hue that will keep you staring at your nails. In low light, darker pink twinkles with peach and gold tones. Best applied in two thin coats, we also recommend our Smooth Moves glitter topper before finishing with a quick dry topcoat like our Clearly On Top for an ultra-smooth finish.”

Feeling Good: 2 coats. I am not a huge fan of reflectives only because I only use them for art. It’s a texture thing for me and removing it is like removing sand and it gives me goosebumps. That being said, the sun with flash is a really fun, bright neon, but without flash, it’s a little bit dull. I do like that hint of neon that shows up with the reflective.


"You Wanna Peach Of Me is a radiant peach nail polish with an ultra-shifty shimmer. Vivid flashes of gold and orange give way to muted red and pink tones, while copper steals the show at some angles. Holo glow flakes add a metallic sparkle for flashes of holographic twinkle."

You Wanna Peach Of Me: 3 coats. You could get away with two coats but I wanted more depth. I absolutely love this one, and I think it is my favorite of the collection. I love the holographic flecks and the dimension they add and I feel like I don’t own enough peach polish. This one reminds me of Shady Beaches from the Summer 2017 collection, but You Wanna Peach of Me has way more shimmer.


"Any Way You Slice It nail polish is a bold orange shimmer. This vibrant orange shade twinkles in the light and easily shows off gold and yellow hues. In lower light, a more intense orange shimmer almost hints at a coppery red, while extreme angles may even show a hint of lime."

 Any Way You Slice It: 3 coats. This color is so juicy that I swear it smells like orange juice but don’t worry, it is not a scented polish. It’s just so squishy and fun and it is perfectly orange. Love this one. Yes in the sun, you can see my nail line, but it is less obvious in person and doesn’t bother me. Love it!


"Pucker Up is a luminous chartreuse-leaning yellow neon nail polish. A strong coppery orange to lime shimmer is accented by micro holo bits. Low lighting amps up the green hue, while the shimmer shows off peach, lemony yellow and gold."

 Pucker Up: 3 coats. I really thought this was the same as Let It Slide, which came out in the summer 2022 collection and putting them together Pucker Up is much more yellow gold and has a deeper orange shimmer. Super shimmery yellows like this are always way too sheer for my nail line. Even right now, I don’t have long nails and you can see it all. It would probably be better to layer this over white. I do like this more than Let It Slide, but I just wish it were more opaque and less shimmery.



"Pull It Together nail polish is a nod to that pulled taffy. Vibrant green in hue, this reflective shade is full of sparkle. In lower lighting, the perfect summer green twinkles. In more direct light or flash, a near neon lime green shows off its vibrant hue. Best applied in two thin coats, we also recommend our Smooth Moves glitter topper before finishing with a quick dry topcoat like our Clearly On Top for an ultra-smooth finish."

Pull It Together: 3 coats. I pulled out Say It Ain’t Cilantro and Logging Off because I wanted to see how those two green reflectives compare. Pull It Together is right in the middle and it’s a nice bright green. If these were easier to use for gradients, they would make the perfect gradient. This one doesn’t have a base color so I needed three coats to make it fully opaque. 



"Cool Beans nail polish is a nod to those colorful candies. A blueberry-colored base is loaded with a striking shifty shimmer. Boasting a strong green flash, different lighting and angles bring out teal, gold, blue, and peach. With a slightly larger shimmer, this shade offers a subtle sparkle that enhances the jewel tones of the polish."

Cool Beans: 2 coats. This one is super duper shimmery. In fact, it’s so shimmery that I had to do a sugar scrub after I swatched it because my nails looked like pixie dust everywhere. I really do love the super shift of this plus all of the shimmer. And I do like that pop of gold at extreme angles.



"Put A Ring On It is a vibrant, teal-leaning blue nail polish. Glowy holographic flakes dance within the blue base to add a bit of sparkle, while blue and aqua shimmer pops to bring out purple and indigo hues in different lighting and angles."

Put a Ring On It: 2 coats. This has the same shimmer and holo flakes as You Wanna Peach of Me. I love this finish so much more only because when I remove it, it’s not as messy. It’s a little dark for a summer collection, but I understand people do like dark colors. It is similar to That’s Just Grape which I’ll share later down. I know we shouldn’t confine ourselves to colors of the season but I just don’t reach for dark colors in the summer. At least this one gives me ocean vibes.



"Such A Smartie is a faded purple polish loaded with color-shifting shimmer and linear holographic sparkle. In lower lighting, a rainbow of hues can be seen, with pink, gold, lime, and blue playing against the lavender background. In bright light, the lime, gold and peach tones pop against the linear holographic rainbow."

Such A Smartie: 2 coats. I’m torn on this color. It looks a little grandma with its base as it’s this frosty soft purple. But then the shimmer does help it and the holo is like BAM in your face. I’m still just torn on it so I feel like this will be like a love it, or hate it color. I do love that pop of blue and gold.




"That’s Just Grape is a striking indigo nail polish paying homage to grape flavored candies. Micro flake-like, color-shifting shimmer amps up the purple hue, while some angles show off flashes of blue and fuchsia."

That's Just Grape: 3 coats. Even though this is a darker color, because there is so much shimmer, it needs three coats. You might be able to get away with two thicker coats, but I don’t like polishing with thick coats. The shimmer is super vibrant in this one and I can see myself wearing this as a pedicure in the beach. 


So which are your favorites?

Launching on June 16th, this collection is the perfect treat for your summer nails. Each polish will retail for $12 and be available at and various stockists. 

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  1. It was so worth the wait. My favorites are Anyway you Slice it and I love Wanna Peach of me. I dislike reflective for the same reason you do. Thank you for all the fabulous pics . They are so extensive and always color accurate. Thanks for sharing.๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

    1. Thank you, Tami! (Having issues signing into my account). I love the idea of reflectives; they are so pretty. I just usually wear them as art or an accent. The Peach is amazing. I can’t wait to put it back in! These swatches took forever so I really appreciate your kind words!


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