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KBShimmer Just Add Water, Swatches and Review

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Summertime is when the sun is plentiful. It’s the best time for me to get swatches by sunlight. But also when it’s beautiful out, I usually have other plans. Well the other weekend, the weather called for rain and clouds. I made no plans. So my surprise when the sun came out later in the day after I had done my errands so I figured let’s get some swatches. And boy am I glad because these polishes look ultra gorgeous in the sunlight.


The Just Add Water nail polish collection by KBShimmer features eight shimmery shades perfect for invoking the spirit of summer. Buildable coverage and bold hues set off an array of colorful-shifting shimmers that will transport you to warm weekends, no matter the season. The Just Add Water polishes will retail for $11.00 each and will officially drop on 08/01/22!


 Rock The Float is a bright, hot pink nail polish loaded with shifting shimmer. Golden hues sparkle and show off hints of peach in the sun, while softer lighting brings out hints of tangerine, rose and fuchsia. This near metallic shimmery polish is perfect for a day filled with inflatable fun.

Rock The Float: 3 coats. This color looked fine at two coats but I felt the third coat made it more opaque and have more depth. Depending on your nail length, you might be fine with two coats. I love how this comes alive in the sunlight and it’s almost an electric pink.


Flip Out is a bright, almost neon, coral-leaning orange crelly nail polish.  Shifting shimmer adds a pop of glistening gold and peach and at some angles, while near neon pink and rose hues come out to play in others. Two to three coats add a pop of color to tips and toes for a pool-ready look perfect for the hottest of days.

Flip Out: 3 coats. This one might be my favorite despite it being sheer. It’s just this gorgeous shade of Creamsicle orange once it gets on your nails. You could use a ridge filling base coat such as KBShimmer Fillin Groovy if you want to obscure your nails some more but I really don’t mind how this looks as is.


 Let It Slide nail polish is a nod to those thrill-seekers that line the water slide stairs. A neon chartreuse shade, Let It Slide is a squishy, near crelly jelly polish loaded with shimmer.  In the sun, a hot coppery shimmer pops against the bold yellow-green base.  In the shade, the neon color pops with a lighter lemon and peach shimmer.  This shade is best in 3 coats and can be worn over a tinted base or complementary cream for those who want no visible nail line.

Let It Slide: 3 coats. As the description says, you might want to wear this over a similar cream or a tinted basecoat. I wanted to show how it looked as is. I have opaque nails and my nails are long so obviously they showed my nails. It’s a gorgeous yellow but you’ll definitely want to layer it.  I would not personally wear this on its own but I feel like as a customer, you should see what it looks like on its own. It's not so bad indoor, but outside, not for me.

The next day I decided I had to re-swatch this because I hated how it looked on its own as I went through photos. Below is how you see it over one coat of KBShimmer White Here White Now, which is a white cream. I added two coats of Let It Slide and it looks so much better. So I just have to put out there, this is not a polish that can be worn on its own, unless you have clear tips (like a gel form or acrylic).


 Dive On In is a cool blue crelly nail polish inspired by those who brave the diving board.  Bold lighting will set off shimmery hues of peach and lime against the blue background, while shades of pink, green and aqua come out to play in indirect lighting.  This shimmery shade is best in 2 coats for a polish perfect for the pool.

Dive On In: 3 coats. You might be able to get away with two coats with shorter nails as I just had a small bit of visible nail line. I like how mellow but bright this is. This is definitely a mermaid color if I ever saw one.

  Splash Talking is a bold ultramarine blue nail polish loaded with color-shifting shimmer.  In direct light, a fun aqua color shimmers against the blue base, while hints of cornflower and lavender show at some angles.  In other lighting, a soft, cyan blue morphs into shades of teal and violet with a hint of pink.

Splash Talking: 3 coats. This one is super shifty so it is very sheer. I feel like this will be a fan favorite since it has those tones of blue and purple. Definitely a darker mermaid polish but still bright.

 Melt Down is a vibrant fuchsia nail polish bursting with color.  A color-shifting shimmer boasts aqua, mint, and violet hues, while a shocking pink reveals its bold tone at certain angles.  This shimmery shade shows off its iridescence best in 2-3 coats.

Melt Down: 3 coats. But you may be able to get away with two coats if you have short nails. This is the ultimate Barbie pink. I feel like I’ve seen pink shimmers like this before but if it weren’t in this collection, I feel like something would be missing if you get what I mean.


My Fla-vor-ite Color is a shifty, grape-leaning purple nail polish.  Hues of magenta, fuchsia, and aqua blue shimmer in low lighting, while pops of teal, green and pink come out to play in brighter light.  This shifty shade is best in 2-3 coats, with the 3rd coat deepening the color for a polish that pairs well with any colorful freeze pop. 

My Fla-vor-ite Color: 3 coats. You probably might only need two coats if you have shorter nails. This is a great purple companion polish for the rest of the collection. Again I feel like I’ve seen it before but something would be missing if it were not in this collection. The shift in the shimmer is super fun.


  Kinda Shady nail polish is a nod to those sunnies beloved by so many.  A deep black base sets off a vibrant blue shimmer.  In some lighting, the blue features hints of indigo or cobalt. At some angles, the blue almost disappears giving a deep and mysterious shade that will keep you staring at your nails.

Kinda Shady: 2 coats plus top coat. I’m not sure this color was needed for this collection since it’s so dark and the rest of the collection is so light and fun. I guess it completes the rainbow but it’s just so dark and it doesn’t have the super shiftiness like all the other colors. Still this might be something that I reach for during Halloween as a deep night based color.

Overall, I am happy this is something different from reflectives and holos. But I wish there was a true green color and not that super dark purple. I also only needed one pink shade, not two. My favorites are Flip Out, Dive On In, and Splash Talking. This collection will be available August 1st. 

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  1. I love this collection. I appreciate your reviews. Flip out is my favorite. It's the perfect summer shade. Let it slide looks better with the white but I think I have many of this shade. Thanks for the great swatches.

    1. Flip Out is just gorgeous. I love it. I especially love that this collection is different and not the typical summer holos. Let It Slide is def a laying polish for me!


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