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Zoya Summer Palette, Summer 2022

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Hi all! So this collection isn't really a normal Zoya collection. I noticed they've been very into palettes. I almost did not request this one because it's "curated" meaning that it is old colors put together as a new "collection." I have 3/6 but honestly was so intrigued with a full-coverage yellow, I decided to request it! Let's see if it holds up!


I did way too much research to find out when these colors originally released. Zoya used to list it on their site, but they are no longer there. 

Ali Neon: 3 coats plus top coat. "An ultra-bright warm, medium neon pink cream." This came out all the way in Summer 2009, part of the La-Di-Da collection! You can probably get away with two coats but I have long opaque nails right now, so I did three for photos. In person, I would only do two coats. This super neon pink dries matte  so you’ll need some topcoat for shine.  Avoid getting this on your cuticle when you are removing your nail polish because it is so pigmented that it’s stains. 

Heidi: 3 coats plus top coat. "A soft but bright warm orangey-coral cream." I remember when I made the connection that this collection was based on the tv show Laguna Beach lol. I actually have Audrina and Elodie. This came out all the way back in Summer 2008 part of the Gossip Collection! I love this shade of nail polish. I did three coats but it really didn’t make a difference so two is fine. This is such a bright and fun coral without being neon.


Darcy: 3 coats plus top coat. "A full-coverage sunny yellow cream." This seems to have come out in Summer 2013, part of the Zoya Stunning collection. I had just gotten into Zoya around 2012 and I don't think I appreciated yellow polish yet then LOL. I actually have 2 other colors from the collection this did come from and I got them through free giveaways that Zoya used to do. Even though they claim full coverage, this will still require three coats as it was patchy at two. This one has the slightest bit of shimmer so I’m not sure why they call it a cream. It’s a great yellow but it wasn’t the two coater that I hoped it would be.

Ness: 2 coats  plus top coat. "A softened jade green with a cool hint of blue cream." This green came out originally in Summer 2016 with the Sunsets collection. You can see my original post HERE. This is a great summer green cream. I use it a lot for nail art but rarely wear green nails on their own. But like I said this is a go to for nail art. I also put on top coat too quickly so the polish wrinkled but that was totally my fault, not the polish.

Dory: 2  coats. "A vibrant cornflower blue cream." This blue also came out originally in Summer 2016, like Ness. You can see my original post HERE. This is another polish that I use all the time for nail art. It’s a great standard blue.

Charisma Neon: 2 coats plus top coat. "An ultra bright neon fluorescent magenta/red-toned, purple cream." I cannot seem to find out when this released, but I know at least around 2012, maybe earlier! I had this, then actually gave it to a friend because it faded to a darker purple and how many dark purples do I need?  This needs topcoat as it dries matte due to the neon nature. It has a great bright purple color and I hope it lasts at this shade.

This collection is not new by any means, but it is a curated collection of older colors, which I wish they were a bit more transparent about. They were nicely together as a curated collection and if you are missing any of these colors in your collection, then I say, grab them!

Each polish retails for $12.

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