Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Duri Below Zero, Swatches and Review


Well, it took over a year, but I finally finished swatching the three Duri collections a friend sent me as a gift. It took so long because there was no obligation since these were not sent from the company (but hey, they are more than welcome to send me!). So I found myself swatching PR and then doing art for myself. But, better late than never. Nail polish is never one season, so I'm sharing a winter collection in the summer!

Bunny Slope: 3 coats plus top coat. I absolutely love this color. I’ve actually worn it probably a dozen times. It’s perfect as a base for nail art or just as a palate cleanser. It has a nice yellow undertone so that it’s not a stark white and it’s totally wearable year-round. I just love it. I know it looks streaky, but it’s not as much in person.


Let It Snow: 3 coats. These type of grays sort of give me zombie hands. I have shared that before with basically every gray that is in this shade of grey. It pulls out all the red undertones in my skin. This is a gorgeous grey but one that I would stick to with nail art.


Cuddle Buddy: 3 coats plus top coat. I love the shade of this color and was so excited for a pale yellow when I saw it in the bottle but it is just so sheer. I wish this were more opaque beause I love the super pale yellow with orange undertones. Unfortunately for my nails, this is just so sheer than it looks like a yellow tint, which then makes my nails look stained. Bleh.


Staycation: 3 coats plus top coat. This one has just a little too much yellow in it and it makes my skin pull out red tones like so many of the other colors in his collection. I wish it was a tad bit more pink/salmon because I think it would complement my skin tone more but I think this color will be really pretty on darker skin tones.


Break the Ice: 2 coats. This is my favorite color of the collection. It had one of the best formulas and it’s the perfect shade of green. It’s dusty but also bright and fun and something totally unique in my collection.


Freeze the Day: 2 coats. This also has a great formula. I can see it being perfect for winter blue but also these colors are great for spring. Lovely coverage and one I really liked on my nails.

Overall, I love the way this collection looks in the bottle but once on the nail, they are super sheer. For me, I would only wear three of the colors again. I really want to be honest with my readers and that’s just how I feel about some of the colors in this collection. It’s a bummer because I really looked forward to swatching it. But there you have it, a winter collection in summer.

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