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KBShimmer Jelly Much? August Polish Pickup

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Hello everyone, as today we are continuing with the Marine Magic theme and to look at what KBShimmer is offering. If you saw last week, I swatched and shared the Just Add Water collection which is a collection of shifty shimmers. The special polish for PPU is the same shifty shimmer! Let’s take a look! 
KBShimmer Restoration Drops Nail Polish Thinner:  $7, No Cap.

"Over time, nail polish can get thick and stringy. This is due to the evaporation of Butyl Acetate and Ethyl Acetate, two of the main ingredients in all nail polishes that help the polish to dry on your nails. To restore thick polish, use our KBShimmer polish thinner, Restoration Drops. For slightly thickened polish, start with 2-3 drops, shake, then check the consistency. Repeat until you are happy with the result. For dried out or severely thickened polish, we suggest that you fill the bottle with thinner to the fill line, let it sit overnight, and then shake in the morning. To prevent evaporation of the thinner, store with the regular top. Restoration Drops can be used with any regular nail polish, top or base coat."

This is my go to product! I wish I never used any other brand as others have actually destroyed my nail polish. I have revived so many old glitters with this thinner. It’s just really great and the only thinner I use. I also use it in top coats that might get thick. I always have a bottle on hand. Excellent product that I recommend to my friends as well!

KBShimmer Salt Water & Mermaids Hand & Body Scrub: $10.00, No Cap.

“Salt Water & Mermaids hand and body scrub is a sweet scent that captures the essence of mermaids with a fresh, watery green fragrance. Delicate notes of ocean mist and sea grass combine with agave nectar and coconut milk for a fruit-like fragrance I can’t quite describe. A sea blue shade, this scrub is accented by a touch of biodegradable glitter on top for a scrub that will make you want a seashell outfit and a day at the beach.”

Like the above description, it’s really hard to describe this scent. It’s almost like fresh ocean water and it really smells like a day at the beach. It’s super refreshing. The coconut is subtle for me so that it doesn’t actually smell like suntan lotion which I do not like. This is such a nice scent.


KBShimmer Jelly Much?: $12.00, No Cap.

"Jelly Much? is a pink-leaning cherry shade loaded with color-shifting shimmer. Dancing between a bright magenta and cool red, this buildable base sets off a golden shimmer that reads almost orange. In some light, the gold can take on a more lime tone, while lower lighting brings out more pink hues. This boldly colored polish is perfect in 2 coats, but a third will deepen the color for a truer red shade."

Jelly Much: 3 coats plus topcoat. This dries a little matte so you need topcoat for it to shine. Two coats had a little bit of VNL so I opted for third, but I do not feel the third was entirely necessary. Wow! This is the same shimmer that is part of the new KBShimmer Just Add Water collection but it’s a super vibrant poppy orange which means red. That is how it reads on my nails despite the description. There are definitely some pink undertones which are highlighted by the shimmer, but this is mostly reddish on me. The shimmer is wow in all lighting!


Let's just appreciate this color in the sun. The shimmer just explodes in the sun! It is so so pretty and the golden orange shimmer pops off that base color. Just lovely! I think this would be a gorgeous pedicure if I wore shimmer on my toes (I'm strictly a creme polish pedicure gal LOL).

I have to say that when I saw this in the bottle, I was mediocre on it. Once I put it on, this is just such a stunner. Never judge a color in the bottle! It also really completes the summer collection she will be releasing on August 1.
The polish, nail polish thinner, and the sugar scrub will be available August 5th through August 8th in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping is flat rate $3 in the US and starts at $6 to Canada.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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