Thursday, July 7, 2022

Neon Citrus Nail Art with Garden Path Lacquers

 Press Sample

 Hey all! A million years ago (or two months), I posted the Garden Path Lacquer Summer Neons! This collection was citrus-inspired so I knew I wanted to do some citrus art. I won't lie, I hated this nail art and took it off an hour later. But I always was to share my nail art successes and fails. I don't know why, but I just hated it on. Now that I look at photos, not bad! LOL.

I love fruit print. What is not to like? I'm like forever on the hunt for a perfect lemon print dress? So when I saw this collection from Garden Path, I knew I wanted to do something citrusy.


I used a base of Jessica Cosmetics Moose Milk, because I wanted a softer white/beige base vs. a harsh white-out white. 

  • Orange: Vitamin C
  • Yellow: Sourpuss
  • Green: Limelight

For my outer nails, I used a makeup sponge and did a gradient of Vitamin C and Sourpuss. I put oranges and lemons on my inner nails and added Limelight as leaves.

I feel like my intention was good, but when I looked at this, I was just not happy at all. Looking back, it's not so bad. What do you think? Is this a fail?


Here it is with top coat, which is how I originally planned to wear it. Not sure which I prefer.


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  1. I love this manicure. It screams summer . I was thinking about your post when I was on a Canadian website Doll Factory by Damzels. They have an adorable orange blossom dress. I know they have had lemon print stuff. Very fun clothes to go with a fun manicure.

    1. I'm glad you like it! I was just so indifferent to it. Off to check out the dress. I actually bought a bathing suit this summer with oranges on it!

    2. Summer is so short that we really have to enjoy our summer clothes. The bathing suit sounds adorable.


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