Sunday, October 22, 2023

Halloween Nail Art: Pumpkins and Spiders

 Press Sample

Day 7 of 13 Days of Halloween. This is a manicure that I see a million reiterations of so I don’t really know the origin of it. I love the idea of a pinky beige atypical Halloween look! But all the stuff on top of that base de perfectly spooky! So let’s gets to it.

As I mentioned above, I have seen this look dozens of times on Pinterest and instagram, so I do not know who created it. I love that this has pumpkins and spiders and then dots and stars to bring it together. I was only planning on doing 4 nails but did all ten! 

Here are the colors I used. This Dare to Wear is now back in my rotation! 

  • Base: Dare to Weat French Vanilla 
  • Peach: Jessica Cosmetics Boho Babes 
  • Darker orange: OPI It’s a Piazza Cake
  • Black: Stella Chroma New Moon 
  • White: Stella Chroma High Noon
  • Medium orange: OPI Have Your Panetonne and Eat It Too

I meant to matte this but I was really feeling it shiny. Honestly, you would not even notice these were Halloween until you looked closely, so I kind of loved that. I’m not a spider person but he is so cute in my ring nail. I also liked the black and white spiderwebs.  

 I really loved how this came out! Stars are forever my weakness, but I don’t mind it. 


  1. I love the manicure. Hate spiders. I see you purchased Have your Panetonne and Eat it too. It's a great color. The whole manicure has amazing colors. Thanks for sharing. πŸ’œπŸ’œ

    1. Oh yes, I have and love it! My spreadsheet says I bought it in December 2020 and first featured it on the blog October 2021. It's a favorite with Piazza. I feel like I could just constantly back and forth wear those two colors all of October and November. Thank you for the lovely comments!

  2. I see. I misunderstood that you had that one. I guess we were talking about Suzi Needs A Loch Ness. Also a great color. I completely agree with wearing them thru October and November. Thanks again

    1. Yes, that is the one I don't have. It's in my Ulta cart. Not sure I need it, but I definitely want it!


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