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Halloween Nail Art: All My Favorites

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Alright so I failed at 13 manicures for Halloween. But at the same time, I longed for what I used to paint on my nails! It does not matter how many times I see these nail art, I impress myself that I actually did them! LOL. I know a ton of people love to use acrylic paints, but I find it more gratifying when I use nail polish; otherwise, why do I have all these colors? So let's go down memory lane and check out some of my favorites. I post a favorites each year and so you can look at last year's posts for more!



Today is National Candy Corn day, so let's start with that. It is so iconic so come back tomorrow. I almost used Stella Chroma Axe Fight for my Jack O Lantern look yesterday because it is one of my favorite black polishes! Here are all the details!


More candy corn, because why not? I love corgis and even though these look likes bears, they are still cute. Full details here.

Ok last candy corn look and it was inspired by a cake from Magnolia. I love this one so much and I think I remember it taking like 20 minutes for all ten nails. I always have to do a dry brush look! Love love love. Details here.


Omg remember when everyone loved flocking powder? I still have the powder and they added such drama to the manicure! I really need to take the flocking out again and use it for the holidays! Here's all the details to my fluffy ghosts!


I love mixing pastels with Halloween and I did that a bunch this year. Plus, black cats are the best (come back tomorrow!), so I love doing art with them. All the cutest details here!


This one is such a fun interpretation. Galaxy nail art but make it Halloween! Galaxy details here!

Ikat was everywhere at the time. I feel like I don't see it anymore but I really love how this came out. Here's the color details.

I remember this mani perfectly! I wore it when I went to the Pumpkin Blaze and it was just so amazing! It's just thousands upon thousands of carved pumpkins and sculptures. Of course, I had to match. Head to my post for all the details!


I told you I do a variation of this manicure every year. Here is a previous version. Black and orange is obviously so iconic! What is easier than the basic colors with some glitter? I have so many Halloween glitters that I cannot part with! Here's all the details!


Smoosh art, glitter, witch hat. What's not to love? This is reminding me that I have not done smoosh art in ages and it is time to bring it back! Details here!


This one gets two photos because I love it so much. I am actually wearing this scarf right now! It's inspired by my favorite Halloween scarf gifted to me by my darling. I just love animals dressed up. Head to the post for all the details!


I can't remember the last time I did vampire nails. I did intend to do a drippy manicure this year and it just did not happen. Black and red is such a spooky combo and I loved these vampire nails. Full color details here!


This one is so simple, but I wanted to share how easy effective art can be. Some dabbles, a round circle, and boom...bats in the nights. Details here!

These were inspired by a pair of socks! A pumpkin scarecrow? How cool? I used a ton of nail polish colors and it just was so fun to paint. Head here for details.


Pumpkin spice is a way of life, don't you think so? I love it! So I loved them on my nails. Full details here.

This is a nail art I loved sooooo much. This one makes me so happy and proud. I know people love to do art with acrylic paint but this was all nail polish and I just love it! All the details and inspiration can be found here.


I think this might be one of my favorite looks ever, but I say that a lot.  Here are the details for my You're My Book look!


What's more iconic than Beetlejuice's stripes and green hair!? This was one of my more simple looks for Halloween, but that transparent green is eerie and spooky. Color details here!

I cannot even explain how much I love this nail art even if the staining of that blue base still scars me to this day. To me, this just so perfectly matched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin and I was impressed with what I did!  Full details here!

2017 was an epic year of nail art for me. I just love what I created. And I remember after doing these nails, I sat back and was just like wow. The Hocus Pocus spell book was just totally my jam. I love how these look to this day. Do I dare re-create it!? Head to my post for full details!

Ok some more Nightmare Before Christmas! It's such an iconic film; is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Either way, I love doing different versions, whether it's colors or images. I remember the Sally nail taking forever! Here's another one from 2017; what was in the water? My nail art was awesome. Head to the post for more details!

Ok so now that you have seen the bright and shiny version of Sally's dress, here is a muted version that I wore matte. I definitelty prefer this version because it feels more spooky and foggy, just like Halloweentown. What do you think? Click here for my full post!


Ok, so this one was Hocus Pocus-esque but a recreation of an older mani. I realize I put it in the wrong post, but I don't care. I love the purple neon background and the floating witch hats. You can decide what witches own these hats. Head here for more info!



Last but absoutely never least is my Sanderson Sisters silhouette. Even with no faces, you immediately know who these people art! I was so proud of how I got the hair to look. Plus, there's only one black flame candle! Love these spooky sisters. Head to my post for all the details!

I hope you enjoyed this recap! I really am proud of all the Halloween nail art I have done over the years so it always feels good to bring these back from the dead (or just previous years) and recognize some favorites!

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  1. I could never pick a favorite. I love snoopy, I love the owls, anything to do Beetlejuice and anything to do with Hocus pocus. That's my favorite Halloween movie. The sequel was equally as good. Can't wait for Hocus Pocus 3. Thanks for the recap and thanks for sharing.

    1. I cannot either. Hocus Pocus is one of my favorites. I never saw the second one because I heard such bad reviews so that's interesting. Practical Magic is another favorite but I have never done a manicure based off of it.


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