Friday, November 10, 2023

Autumn Pumpkins Nail Art

Press Sample

Today’s inspiration comes from Tessalynn nails on Instagram. I like the simplicity of this look, and I have been in such a moody blue teal mood that I wanted to connect that with pumpkin imagery. After swatching 13 polishes, I was tired, and I wanted some quick art and so that is why I went for this.


Of course, I had to mix up the original design a little and make it my own. For example, I was really feeling like a blue shimmer and I went with an old reliable Stella Chroma. I also opted to make my thumb blue as well knowing I’d probably take these off soon because I would be swatching more. I also had massive breaks and chopped all my nails down so I just did not feel like doing art on my thumbs. 



Here are the colors I used for this look:

  • Beige: OPI My Vampire is Buff (I am almost finished with this bottle and I love it so much that I will definitely be re-buying this color. There is probably only one manicure worth left.)
  • Blue: Stella Chroma Carousel (I feel like I did not use this color since it was released and now I’ve used it multiple times in the last few months. It is such an underrated color and you need it if you don’t have it.)
  • Oranges: OPI Have Your Panetonne and Eat It Too, OPI It’s a Piazza Cake, Jessica Cosmetics Apricot Ice
  • Brown: Jessica Cosmetics Mad For Madison
  • Gold: OPI Goldeneye
  • Bronze: OPI A Woman’s Prague-ative 


I also added some extra colors to the pumpkin for some depth and I wanted a bronze color in addition to the gold and I love how it looks. This art took me like 10 minutes, so I severely overestimated how long it would take and probably could have done all 10 nails. But I actually liked breaking it up with the blue so it ties in nicer. 

I love this look so much. It is sooo simple and looks so fun. I also love blue and orange together (my alma mater!)

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  1. Great colors used. I absolutely love this look. You know how much I love your pumpkins. Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. Aw thanks. I love any and all pumpkin nail art!

  2. This combination of colour works perfectly! The pumpkins are awesome! :-)

    1. Teal and orange just work perfectly together. Thanks so much!


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