Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Thanksgiving Nail Art: Autumn Leaves with Gradient

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Hello everyone! This will probably be my last autumn nail art, even though I really wanted to squeeze in a few more. Time just got away from me, and I know I keep saying that. In addition, As you can see, I have super shorties right now. It kind of makes me sad and I actually have one more fall collection to swatch but I am choosing not to because my nails are so short. Anyway, let's get to the art!

So this is another look I saw on Pinterest from katiebelles_nails on Instagram. Of course, I had to make it my own. She had a really cute sweater look with a builder gel type of nail polish that I don’t use or even have. So I opted to do two nails of the leaf art. Then I did the orange nails on the outside nails, but decided last minute that I wanted to add a brown gradient to tie it all together. In addition, I mixed up my leaf nails a little bit as well. That is what is so fun about Pinterest and finding inspiration. You give credit to the person who thought of it but then you can make your own with little changes.


As usual, I did my nails on Sunday and then waited until tonight to take pictures. I always do this to myself. And of course, I have already been doing Thanksgiving food prep, so I had to fix them a little for photos!

So this look is fairly simple. It's only 3 colors. How easy it that? (Am I Ina Garten now?!)

  • Beige: Jessica Cosmetics Moose Milk
  • Orange: Zoya Cory
  • Brown: Zoya Foster 


Like I said, although this might be my last fall nail art, I do have one more fall collection to share with you and it’s really pretty. I just hate how short my nails are right now, and I am judging myself, but I know no one is in the mood for a fall collection in December so I’ll try and get on that soon. 

Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate!

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  1. Love the leaves. I really like the colors you used. I don't think I have Foster. Thanks for sharing. 💜

    1. Foster is one of my favorites and Zoya has a huge sale right now! If you search my blog, you will see how often I use it. Cory is amazing too!


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