Friday, November 24, 2023

Zoya Amaris, November Color of the Month

Press Sample

This past summer, Zoya started up color of the month promotion. Lots of indies used to do that and I like it because it allows people and companies to be creative without dedicating time to an entire collection. I do not normally get press samples for the colors of the month, but this one just showed up in the mail. Thanks Zoya! You only have until the rest of the month to grab it so jump on it if you want it!
UPDATE 11/29: I realized I only posted matte photos. Whoops! I added the shiny photos into the post.

Since this color is only available for the month of November, I thought I’d hop on real quick and give you a swatch of this polish especially because it is really beautiful. My nails are just soooo short and keep on breaking! Ugh! Their fall collection and their upcoming holiday collection both contain microglitter polishes. This seems to be their new finish!

Amaris is more than just deep blues and greens; it’s a swirling nebula of color. It’s the nail polish equivalent of that dreamy, “What did I just witness?” moment!
Amaris: 2 coats plus top coat. This reminds me of the old school Essie Starry Night but with wayyy more holo. The deep navy blue and the holographic glitters are definitely reminiscent of a starry night. Due to the amount of glitter in this polish, it really does need topcoat to smooth things over and give it that shiny finish. I actually should have used KBShimmer Smooth Moves then top coat, as you can see the polish sort of ate up the top coat. But it is really beautiful and if I didn’t want to do other nail art, I probably would have worn it as a manicure. But I’m still in my fall mood, and I wanted one more fall nail art. 

I had to matte this because I love how the glitters almost float off the base! Here it is with one coat of matte top coat.
I also noticed that the last few collections come with wide brushes. I have to say I am happy about this because they kept sending them separately and I feel like I have them everywhere because I never took the time to switch them out. What would I do with the thin brush? Toss it? Ugh, waste of plastic. See my dilemma?!
Here is this color with matte top coat because I felt like I had to share it with you.

I thought I would share a quick and dirty swatch of Zoya Jean from the Fall 2023 Enamored collection. Obviously, Jean is a much brighter blue but I still thought I would show you. You can also see how these dry without top coat. Amaris is much more grainier.

Grab the color of the month HERE. You only have a week left to get it!


  1. Great color. I definitely need some wide brushes. The skinny are excellent for pedicures though. My pedicure colors have the skinny brush. Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. I agree about the skinny brushes for pedicures! I went on Zoya's site, and cannot figure out if they are charging extra for the wide brush (looks like 50 cents). So sounds like it might automatically be the skinny brush. I don't mind that; I just hate the EXTRA brushes laying around!

  2. So glad you added the shiny swatches. I love Amaris. I may need to act quickly on this!

    1. Yea, it was a complete oversight. I had always had the swatches (since you can see in my collage), but I somehow only uploaded the matte! Did you end up getting it? December is really pretty too!


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