Monday, November 20, 2023

Special Autumn Nails for a Friend


I have been looking at this nail polish for just about a year. I really didn’t know when I wanted to wear it, but now just felt right. I put the changing of the leaves and the transition to the winter season as my inspiration for this nail art, as I think about a friend who is dearly missed.

I really wanted to honor him with some nail art and thought about doing a fox or a deer because he liked to hunt. But when I went to visit Indiana, I noticed the gorgeous trees on the property and wanted to pay homage to that home. If you subscribe to the Stella Chroma newsletter (and you really should), you know that Pam has moved and she sent a stunning picture of a tree with colorful leaves. I think about all the good memories that were at her beautiful house and the new ones she will have in her new place.


Here are the colors. I wanted the base to be the shining winner. 

  • Base: Stella Chroma Nov 2022 for Mr. SC
  • Stamping colors: Zoya Copper (green), Zoya Foster (brown), Zoya Honey (yellow), KBShimmer Chai-huahua (red) 

I did not use actual stamping polishes, because I wanted this to be subtle rather than completely covering up the base. So you’d have to look at my nails pretty intently to see the stamping. I actually love how they came out because they let that orange base really shine just like his personality.


We miss ya, buddy. 


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  1. Beautiful manicure. I like that the leaves aren't opaque . Thanks for the sale info .Thank you for sharing . 💜

    1. Just a little hint of art but I wanted that orange to be the star. Thank you, as always, for reading my blog!

  2. Thank you friend. It’s perfect. I’m lucky to have you. 🧡🧡🧡

    1. Forever grateful that I met you and have you in my life!

  3. Very pretty orange and gorgeous manicure :-)


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