Sunday, November 26, 2023

Jessica Cosmetics Going Places, Fall 2023

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I actually have not received a collection from Jessica Cosmetics in a while (according to my blog, Spring 2022) but then this randomly showed up mid-October. Of course, that was Ehmkay Nails Halloween month, so I did not swatch anything. Then November just zoomed by. Well, my nails are a wreck. I think it's the 60 degree then 30 degree days. I really wanted to wait to swatch these polishes but Mr. Ehmkay said no one wants to see a fall collection in December, swatch them now!


The Going Places collection feature 6 delicious cremes. Although it is a fall collection, these are 100% year round polishes!

Unfinished Business: 3 coats plus top coat. This is a lavender-based beige. I love colors like this, but they don’t love me. They always give me zombie hands, so I usually stick to using them for nail art. But it’s a beautiful color. Just watch out if you have yellow undertones like me. You can almost get away with two coats, but I had a few balding spots so I opted for a third thin one.


Chance Encounters: 2 coats. This one has a lot more pink in it so it is much more flattering on my skin tone. It is definitely one of those colors that is popular amongst a larger crowd. It’s one I have seen before and not a color I specifically gravitate towards, but I appreciate the 2 coat formula. 


Look Both Ways: 2 coats. This one is a dusty, coral pink, and I love it. It’s not new by any means, but it is a great staple to have in your collection. If you don’t have one already. And the formula is great. I also feel like this is a color that will look awesome on any skin tone.


Keep Up: 2 coats. Make sure that you give this one a shake before use because the first coat was very thin that I thought I would need more then I realized I did not shake it. But it became completely opaque on the second coat. I love this color. It’s a perfect autumn brown that has just enough orange tones in it to make it special and unique. This one is definitely a keeper. It reminds me of Zoya Cory which I just wore.


Picture Perfect: 2 coats. This is one of those deep burgundy reds that falls between autumn and holiday so it’s a great transitional color. I could also see people rocking this for January and February before spring pastels come through. I was really surprised that this one did not stain my nails because it’s so deep and pigmented.


Pop of Extravagance: 2 coats. This one looks very similar to Picture Perfect but it has a bit more purple in it. In my photos, it is a little  difficult to see the difference but promise me that Picture Perfect is a bit more brown based than Pop of Extravagance. 


This collection is available now and there is a sale through Cyber Monday (11/27) so grab them on sale while you can!

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Products in the post were provided for honest review. 
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  1. Great colors in this collection. I dont think they ship to Canada 😔 Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing 💜💜

    1. You know, I have never ordered from their site, so I have no idea! I used to grab them in beauty supply stores before they all closed. I went to their site and could not find any info on where they ship, sorry. Maybe if you catch them in person, you can grab (and get Moose Milk, my favorite!).

    2. I put some in my cart and went to checkout where it said we do not currently ship to your country. I love moose milk.


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