Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Zoya Enamored, Fall 2023

Press Sample

Listen, I know that this collection has been around since September but October is always dedicated to Halloween so I never really post Zoya fall before November. In addition, they always have amazing Black Friday sales so I feel like I am doing you a favor by holding off by showing these later so that you can get a good sale. OK let’s get into the swatches and hopefully I’ll be back with holiday before the actual winter holidays. Lol, I want to remind you that it is still fall so I am not late. 



Frenchy: 2 coats. A warm beige pink cream. This is a really nice clean color, but it gave me somewhat zombie hands because it just had a bit too much yellow undertone. I think someone with darker skin or someone who does not have as much yellow undertones would look much nicer in this. But it is a great formula for such a color.

Brianna: 2 coats. A sophisticated toasted pink cream. This one looks a bit nicer on me than Frenchy because it has more pink undertones, but it pulls a little grandma on me. This is a classic color, but it is one of those mauve colors that just doesn’t suit me. But again excellent formula.


Vera: 2 coats. An enticing bright mulberry cream. Now this is a purple that I can get behind. Whatever mulberry is complements my skin tone. It has just enough red that it is a special purple. I’m hoping this one stamps just like the others. Because all these formulas are so amazing.


Brynlee. 2 coats. An intense mulberry cream with a hint of magenta undertones. Just like Pamela, this one dries a little matte, and I wonder what pigment is causing it to do that. I wanted to show it off that way because it kind of looked cool.  This one stained and it probably has to do with the fact that it is so pigmented and matte.


Pamela: 2 coats. A darkened imperial purple cream. This is not a new purple by any means, but it actually has some neon in it because it dried matte just like Brynless. This is not marketed as a matte color but I thought I would show it off that way.  This one stained a little bit, so just be careful with removal.

Precious: 2 coats.  An orchid mauve purple infused with a hint of micro rose gold flakes. Don’t mind my nails if they look a little purple stained as I had swatched Pamela and Byrnlee before this. This is a nice color that I feel attracts a big population but it’s a safe color for me. I wish I had more of those larger rose gold flakes because they really are beautiful.

Eleanor 2 coats. A dark cinnamon mahogany crushed velvet finish. This one is dark and moody and I am feeling it. I don’t know what crushed velvet finish means, but it’s a gorgeous shimmer. I like that it’s brown, but it has hints of purple at least on my skin tone.  Upon removal, I see that it is actually based in blue and completely stained my nails. So I would be weary about using this one without multiple coats of base coat and being very careful upon removal. Such a bummer because it is so pretty.

Murphy: 2 coats. An ultra-dark army green crushed velvet finish. I love this green because it reminds me of leaves after they fall from the tree and they get that deep color. And just like Eleanor, it has a beautiful finish. I was nervous putting this on since Eleanor stained after literally three minutes, but it did not stain. 

Twinklette: 3 coats plus top coat. A glamorous rose gold holographic infused with micro pink shimmer. You can layer this one over a cream or a ridge filling base coat so you could only use two coats. But I went all in and I used three coats because I had a small bit of visible nail line. This is perfect for the holiday season, despite being part of the fall collection. I like that Zoya is going out of the box for them and creating super fun colors and this one is really gorgeous; it’s a winner for me. 

Venus: 2 coats plus top coat . A vibrant and sparkling rose red with a shimmering holographic finish. Again, this one feels like a holiday color and so do the next two. I noticed that the holiday collection does have two colors in the same finish so it must be the new Zoya finish. I like how the glitters pop off this base color.

Lennon: 2 coats plus top coat. A deep pacific teal with a shimmering holographic finish. I like the green teal of this one and I feel like you could use it over a red as a gradient for an easy Christmas manicure. I probably needed a third coat as now I see some bald spots. This one also stained my nails.

Jean: 3 coats plus top coat. A rich indigo periwinkle with a shimmering holographic finish. A blue version only made sense to cover all the bases. Hopefully in the summer they will do an orange and yellow version in this finish. This one will be pretty for a Hanukkah manicure.

Overall, there are a few polishes I enjoyed from this collection such as Murphy and Twinklette. But this collection was exhausting to swatch, because so many stained my nails that it just took forever. I don’t know if I was out of shape from not swatching for two months because most people don’t release 12 piece collections, but this one just seem to take forever. 
Products in the post provided for honest review. 


  1. I really like Murphy , twinklette and venus. Thanks for letting us know the stainers. As pretty as they are I avoid those ones. Thanks for sharing. 💜

    1. The finishes on Twinklette and Venus are awesome for a mainstream brand. I would probably wear them as accents or a gradient. Stainers are a bummer so I always mention them especially when they stain after just a few minutes!


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