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KBShimmer Best in Snow Winter 2023, Swatches and Review

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Hello everyone! Today is exciting because I am sharing the newest KBShimmer winter collection! This collection releases next week, Wednesday November 22nd. In addition, I have details of the Black Friday sale! KBShimmer really only does one sale a year, so if you have a wish list, it's time to grab what you have been wanting! And come back tomorrow for comparisons! So grab a snack and sit back and take a look at my way too many pictures in all sorts of lighting!

The Best In Snow Collection

The first flakes of snow seem to fill the air with a bit of magic, ushering in the holiday season. Homes come alive with seasonal decor, setting the stage for festive holiday gatherings. Even the chill in the air can’t stop people from heading outdoors to cut down that perfect tree, enjoy a winter festival, or play a winter sport. Lists are made and shopping is completed so that our loved ones can enjoy good meals and well-deserved gifts. Blistery days bring fun indoors with a holiday meet cute movie, fresh batch of cookies, and warm cocoa. This November, let KBShimmer take you through a wintery journey with nine new polish shades inspired by the holiday season and the magic of snow.

Noel It All: 2 coats plus Smooth Moves then Clearly on Top.

Noel It All is a Christmas Red reflective nail polish. A bold red jelly base twinkles with red reflective pigment in low lighting, while a bold red flash comes through in brighter lighting for a sparkling effect perfect for the holiday season. This festive shade features a new, easier to apply reflective formula and is best in two coats.

I have been wanting a red reflective forever. I think last holiday season I wanted one and realized it was missing. Now I finally have it. This is a classic red and I am happy to have it in my collection.

Just Roll with It: 3 coats plus top coat. 

Just Roll With It nail polish is a sparkling tan shade loaded with a mix of holographic glitters. Shades of silver, bronze, and gold combine to mimic a sugar-covered cookie. A golden shifting shimmer adds a touch of warmth as hints of yellow, copper, and orange appear. 

You might be able to get away with two coats, depending on how your nails look. I love the peach shimmer that’s in the base of the holo glitter. It is perfectly festive and definitely gives me sugar cookie vibes. I know this one will be horrible to remove but it is worth the effort. I also will probably stick to using this as a gradient just for easier removal.


Tripped Up: 3 coats. 

Tripped up is a rich and lively purple nail polish. The grape-colored base features a captivating blue shimmer that amps up the purple to a rich indigo blue and luscious violet as the shimmer shifts and angles change. In some lights, the purple base is set off by that bold blue flash, while in others, the entire color seems to change. A scattering of diamond-like holographic glitter adds a mesmerizing twinkle to this luminous shade.

OK when I saw this in the bottle, I for sure thought this was a deep blue or blurple type color. But when I swatched it, I was so surprised that it was actually a bright purple. The bottle definitely plays tricks on your eyes. I love that subtle holographic glitter that I feel like we don’t see anymore. It’s just really pretty.


Mistletoe You So: 3 coats.

Mistletoe You So nail polish is a nod to those meet cute holiday movies. A shimmering deep forest green base easily changes into a rich cranberry red when viewing angles are changed. At some angles, the red hue deepens into burgundy or shows a flash of gold. 

Two coats was almost enough but in the end there was some small bald spots on my nails, so I opted for three. This is a really pretty and super shifty multichrome. I tried to look and see which one it was similar to, but this one has a lot more teal than others.


Ice and Easy: 1 coat over Mistletoe You So and 1 coat over Tripped Up. 

Ice And Easy is a gleaming nail polish topper loaded with a rainbow of colorful shifting flakes and a dusting of micro holographic glitters. Over white, enjoy the near snowlight effect when light catches a bit of flake or glitter for a subtle pop of color. Layer over darker colors to watch the flakes come alive and show off bold hues in a full spectrum of colors.

I love this topcoat. It reminds me of a former KBShimmer flake topcoat. That was a super limited edition and I will be back with comparisons. If they are the same, I will be so happy to have a back up bottle and I will be happy for those who were not able to purchase this limited edition.


Skiing is Believing: 3 coats. 

Skiing Is Believing nail polish features a magenta base loaded with color-shifting shimmer paying homage to those brightly colored skiers. The shimmer glistens with a gold hue that gives way to greens and near blues with changing angles. Other angles show off warm peach and orange tones, with the edges sneaking in hints of purple.

This is another polish that is confusing because it looks like a multichrome purple in the bottle but when you put it on your nails, it is certainly a mauve pink. I love the shifting shimmer in it, but the base color is definitely a specific type of color.

Freeze the Day: 2 coats plus top coat.

Freeze The Day is a vibrant indigo blue nail polish with subtle color shifts from a lapis lazuli-like hue, to sapphire blue, and indigo.  Bold flakes flutter within the base showing a silver-white hue that sometimes skews pale pink or slightly gold, mirroring the look of falling snowflakes.  A hint of sparkle from the added micro holographic glitter adds depth to this wintery shade. 

I absolutely love this one. I don’t have any KBShimmer or any other polish like it and it is hard to find super unique polishes these days just because so many exist. I love the base color and I love the flakes in it and I feel like this one could have had an awesome Hanukkah inspiration. That’s the only thing I don’t see in this collection. There are winter and Christmas colors and usually KBShimmer does a Hanukkah color too but not this year.


Stocking Developments: 2 coats plus Smooth Moves.

Stocking Developments is a bright green reflective nail polish. The Kelly-green color dances between emerald and dark lime with twinkling reflective glitters catching the light. This festive shade features a new, easier to apply reflective formula and is best in two coats. 

I totally understand the want to put a green reflective in this collection, but this is my fourth KBShimmer green reflective and I am kind of done with them. Just being honest. I will post comparisons as this one is slightly different from Pull It Together as it is a tad darker, but for me, I don’t need anymore greens. It's is perfectly reflective


Just The Coolest: 3 coats. 

Just The Coolest nail polish starts with a pale periwinkle jelly base. Colorful micro flakes shift through a wide array of enchanting colors, showing off pale pink to peach, golden yellow to lime, and even hints of blue at some angles. A dash of micro holographic glitter adds a touch of sparkle for the perfect icy manicure. 

I saved my favorite for last! The finish on this is totally awesome. I did not realize the base would be so sheer so you might choose to use it as a topcoat. I went all out and did it as three full coats. It is just absolutely beautiful and definitely one of my favorites. Although you can see some visible nail line, I simply do not care because it is so pretty.


The Best In Snow Collection launches Wednesday, November 22nd at 10 AM EST. 

KBShimmer’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals launch on Wednesday, November 22 nd at 10 AM EST. Enjoy 20% off your entire order using the code BLACKFRIDAY20. In addition, the first 500 orders will receive a free bottle of Smooth Moves, our glitter-smoothing topper. This sale ends at 11:59 PM on Monday, November 27th.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.


  1. Wow where does one start. Firstly thank you for all the amazing pictures. They really show the incredible shift of many of them. I think Just The Coolest is also my favorite. Even though Noel It All is reflective I love it. There is maybe 2 out of the collection I will pass on. The green reflective and pinky mauve one. The rest are amazing. Thanks for sharing 💜💜

    1. Thank you, Tami! I take hundreds of pictures (over 600 this time), just to show off the gorgeous shifts. Just the Coolest is my favorite as well. I can't wait to slap it back on and might do so soon (on my super duper shorties now).

  2. Very pretty collection, my favourite is Freeze The Day :-)

    1. That one is so unique; that is why I love it too. It's still on sale if you did not grab it yet!


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