Wednesday, November 29, 2023

KBShimmer Sunset In My Ways, December Polish Pickup

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December is Maker's Choice! And this creation from KBShimmer is a beaut! I took way too many photographs. I have a feeling this will be on people love, so add it to your to-buy list!

December - Mint Chocolate Chip Hand & Body Sugar Scrub - $10 – No Cap

Mint Chocolate Chip Scrub features the smooth and minty scent of spearmint in a pale mint green base. Creamy notes of vanilla and the rich scent of chocolate amplify the sweetness of this refreshingly cool scent. Used frequently, this scrub will help exfoliate dry winter skin, leaving you smooth and soft.
Smells just as the scent says, so if this is a scent you like, grab it!

December – Sunset In My Ways - $12 – No Cap

Sunset In My Ways is a purple-based polish loaded with shifting shimmer. In bright light, the shimmer shows off pink, peach, gold, and lime hues along with a micro flake linear holographic flame. In lower light, a full spectrum of color appears, with the purple base setting off shades of rosy pink, gold, green, and even blue at some angles. Best in two coats.

Sunset in My Ways: Two coats. This one is a shadeshifter and it was all different colors and I really love it. My niece came over and played with this color on my nail polish mat and then she kept moving it around to see all the different colors and it was so cute. I also love the sparkly finish. I foresee this one being super popular, so add it to your wish list. 

Next you will see the polish in indirect sun and shade and that is where it shines. You can see all the colors of the rainbow and it is gorgeous!

The polish and the sugar scrub will be available December 1st through December 4th in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping starts at $4 in the US and at cost to Canada.

Polish Pickup: SHOP, Facebook
KBShimmer SHOP, Facebook, Instagram 

Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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  1. Gorgeous shade. Thanks for all the great photos. Thanks for sharing 💜


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