Saturday, May 27, 2023

Graduation Nails with Real 18K Gold

 Partial Press Sample

I just looked through my May posts, as sporadic as they have been, and the colors have all been soft and pale so I guess that is my mood! Anyway, I'm crazy and decided to get a second Masters degree. I completed it in December, but the ceremony was in May. So although the diploma has been in hand for months, I decided to walk in the cap and gown! These were my nails!

I was originally just going to do white nails. That's my jam. LOL. But my darling mentioned he loved white with gold and I was like YES, that will amp it up. And what better than REAL 18 KARAT GOLD?! Do you remember that trend in 2012? Well yes, I did buy multiple gold flake top coats!

Here are my colors. I pulled out two oldies which I always love doing!
  • Base: Stella Chroma special custom 
  • Gold shimmer: OPI Goldeneye, dabbed on with the polish brush
  • Gold flakes: OPI The Man with the Golden Gun 18 karat gold flake top coat

When I was doing my nails, I could barely see the difference in the gold and felt like I was wasting the 18k gold flake. But when I went in the sun, you can really see that yellow gold against the darker gold shimmer! In fact, Goldeneye almost looks copper against the real yellow gold. I especially love the giant flakes!

I used less of the 18 karat gold because it's in a darker bottle (to avoid tarnish) so I can't even see how much I have. I actually realized some of my favorite gold polishes are tarnishing and it's a bummer (looking at you Lacquistry Amazeballs). So when I was looking for a gold flake, I noticed so many were like a dirty silver now. Not this OPI! So I am glad for that opaque bottle! By the way, all my polishes are in a helmer, so it's not about exposure to light. The gold flakes just tarnish.



  1. Amazing manicure for a amazing person. Congrats on your graduation . That is quite an accomplishment. May I ask what you got your masters in?? Next up PhD?? Thanks for sharing. 💜💜

    1. Aww thank you, Tami! This masters is in Learning Disabilities and my previous is in Literature. Not sure what's next, but I'll never stop learning!


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